Different Parts Of Racing Bike Wheels, You Need To Know About

Apr 6th 2015 at 12:35 AM

Science and technology has covered all the spheres of life but the technology has developed quickly in the field of vehicles. We find lots of difference in the wheels of bikes as compared to earlier time.  Now bike wheels are made with wire wheels which is known as wheel set. Wheels are designed in this way so that they can fit to the frame of bike.


Modern wheel is constructed with the help of hub, spokes, metal fibre rim, which hold the rubber tyre and the description are as following, you, can get it from forum bici da corsa:

Hub:It is the centre part of wheel. It include axle, bearing and a hub shell. Hub shell is attached to the spokes.

Axle:It is attached to the frame. It can be attach by the nut, bolt. Axle can be a removable. The bikes, which come in the market, have standard axle spacing, which is great benefit.

Bearings: It allows the hub shell to rotate about the axle. Bearings can be of steel or ceramic ball bearings. The bearing, which is used, is of cup and cone types because it contain loose balls which can be adjustable.

Hub brakes: Hubs are also attached to the breaks and become a part of drum. Some types of brakes are as following:

Disc brakes: It can be attached in various ways by using the bolts and central locking ring. It is kind of circular plate that can be attached to the hub.

Drum brakes: It gives extra power to stop the bike and it has two brakes that expand into the hub shell.

Coaster brakes: It is particular type of drum brake, which work when pressure is applied backward to the pedals.


Hub has different methods that attached to gear, including Free hub, Freewheel, Track sprocket, Flip-flop hub and Internal geared hub


It makes the vehicle to move. Mostly rims are made up of aluminium alloy but the racing bikes’ rim is made up of steel and thermoplastic. There are different types of rims including Clincher rims and Tubular rims.


It is circular in the cross section. High performance wheels use the spokes. Spokes also called hollow tubes. The rim is connected to the hub by the spokes. Some bikes use wooden spokes.

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