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Decision Making

Feb 28th 2011 at 10:07 AM

     Hello there Cyber Friends! Midiman at your service from Walker's Music and I want to let yall in on a secret-One of the biggest obstacles in music production is yourself! I'm speaking from experience of this fact seeing that the last 4 years that I have tried to run my Label and found myself at a stand still! I did not figure out until recently that I was my biggest problem.

     you see sometimes we can have too much of what we call a good thing. Seems the more stuff we accquire, the more we want or think we need. We fall into the pit of do nothingism and deep freeze syndrome because of the simple fact that we have too much equipment, software, or PC toys to play with. So, instead of being productive, we get caught up in a whole lot of playing around with the gadgets and trying to see what they do instead of making tracks! Why am I telling you this? I'm guilty of this very thing myself. I have played around with so many applications that all claim to be better than the next one. Especially the music applications like the DAW(Digital Aufio Workstations)! Really when the day is done, all of them basically does the same thing-record audio to a PC hard drive!

      You are gonna have to come down to making a decision on what you need and what you want. Every musician's needs will vary according to what they are trying to accomplish, but essentially all you really need is to be able to work with whatever you have and do it well. What am I saying in this? Simple that you can do the same thing with Sonar, Protools, or Cubase! But, if you have always used Cubase, then you are gonna be better and move more quickly with it than the other person who is up on Sonar. Make your decision based on what works the best for you and not how it works for another! Once you have all of the kinks worked out and you know how to flow with your DAW(Digital Audio Workstation), you are gonna prosper! Peace out!

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Jul 30th 2011 at 8:50 PM by TimRR
well done

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