Customer Data Analysis: A Strategy that Benefits Customer-Centric Businesses

May 18th 2015 at 11:29 PM

Big data, which was once only a theoretical concept, is now an inescapable reality that businesses and organizations must face. The sheer volume, velocity, and a variety of data that are streaming into the world's data banks continue to reach phenomenal, unprecedented levels. Making it a challenge for organizations to manage the information they receive. Collecting data is easy enough, but separating and trying to decipher information that counts is where the huge challenge lies. This is why it is important for businesses to consider how they go about with big data analytics.


Big data analytics is essentially the examination and analysis of huge packets of collected data for the purpose of uncovering hidden patterns, correlations, and all other useful information that businesses and organizations can pull from in order to make better decisions. It is used to evaluate huge volumes of data and information that conventional analytics and traditional business intelligence solutions simply cannot handle. If your organization accumulates millions of data and data combinations coming from various sources and in different formats, this kind of high-performance analytics is what you need to process effectively and interpret data and separate important points from the junk.


Customer data analysis is among the most practical applications of big data analytics. Because providing great customer experience is crucial. In order, to provide customers with products and services that will best serve their needs and enhance their experience it is important to understand their needs and then offer. Based on the kinds of platforms and channels that you use to engage and interact with consumers, you can determine the best approach by which to perform analytics. Common approaches to big data analysis fall into two main categories, namely, reactive and proactive.


When looking for an analytics platform and overall strategy that can help you make sense of the huge streams of data that your organization receives, choose one that can help you accomplish the following:


  • Unify data from various channels like call centers, customer surveys, CRM, social media, and other important sources your consumers use to communicate with the business


  • Apply big data technology to mine this huge pool of structured and unstructured data for useful information


  • Use custom dashboards and effective visualizations to determine and communicate with the customers before taking any steps


  • Use alerts for role-based reporting of insights that will help enhance your overall customer support strategies


About The Company:

VOZIQ is a customer intelligence solutions provider company that provides cloud-based, customer intelligence solutions to help businesses build and operationalize crucial intelligence about their customers, competitors, and competitors’ customers. They also offer customer intelligence solutions tailored to various industry verticals like Finance, Retail, Telecom, Technology, and Travel.

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