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Custom Rust Effects - Action figures & Models

Oct 21st 2010 at 1:36 PM


If you have been following my work at all you probably saw the "Cosmic Rust" Transformers I posted about a month ago. As it turns out I got a lot of requests from people wanting me to show them how I made those rust effects.


So without furher ado.



Things you will need:


  1. Whatever it is you want to add Rust Effect to.
  2. Rub n Buff : I recommend the Aged Gold here I used the Patina either will work.
  3. Rust Colored Paint
  4. Round Flat Tipped Stencil Brush
  5. Stiff Dry brushing Brush
  6. Paint Thinner
  7. Windex
  8. Paper Towels

Squeeze out a good portion of the Rub n Buff.



Load the brush heavily with the Rub n Buff like so.


Now hold the brush with a medium grip between your first finger an thumb.



Tap the brush flat side down on whatever it is you want the rust on. Keep doing this until you spread out the Rub n Buff and you start to see it form nice little peaks.










Depending on what size brush you use, how much Rub n Buff is on the brush and how hard you tap the brush on the object you will get different size peaks and effects.


You will need various size brushes depending on the scale you are working with.


Let the Rub n Buff Dry for at least an hour. Two or three is better.


Clean your brushes quickly! The Rub n Buff needs paint thinner to get it all off because its wax based.



Now you gotta paint it all black. I'm using a "Steam Powder Black" I got from the train shop it gives a really good effect for this. Whatever you use you want it to be a FLAT black not gloss.


When you paint it make sure not to use too much paint. You want the pain to be thin. If you are using a Acrylic paint I use Windex to thin it down.





Let the black paint dry for at least an hour. Clean your brush!


Next its time to start dry brushing. This is the fun part!




Use the paper towels to rub the excess paint off your brush. You really want to get a lot of it off. Just enough paint should be on the brush to barely cover the raised spots when you drag it across the rust effects.




Just lightly drag the brush flat as possible across the raised spots. If you mess up and get rust color in the grooves you'll have to paint it black again.








That's it! You should now be able to put AWESOME rust effects on anything you want. So have fun! If you found this tutorial helpful please subscribe to my blog.




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Sep 15th 2016 at 10:38 AM by Couponasaurus
Excellent how-to with images and well written steps. Nice job!
May 10th 2016 at 10:21 PM by jackjim
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