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Cruxified In Ganado - The Story page 5

Mar 24th 2011 at 4:19 AM

The story                                                 page 5


On Dec. 2, 2010 a marriage died !  For what reason it is still unsure!

I was told by David Lee Bures...that the whole thing was not to hurt me!

But I believe he he was just feed a bunch of Bull too!  He is the only one of the Bures..

including my ex-wife who showed maturity by talking to me!  And so he is removed from the

liable suit later this year!  But a new character takes his place!  Mike Konaded of

Safequard pest control , has herassed me while I have been walking my little dog chico!

Along with Dennis and David bures both on the list again !  Anyway the story goes like this:


On December 2, 2010 my wife had got up early to go to a clients house. ( I think)

I often wonder if she wasn't cheating on me them!  It only make sense that she rushed the

devorce through!  She called me to see if I wanted to go to church with her that morning!

But i was tired and I not catholic, so i ask her if could decline going to church! So she gave

up trying!  She also got a speeding ticket that day that I never heard anything more about!

I wonder why!

Later I found out she went to dinner at her parents house!

Remember from the first part I was never allowed in that house !  Why I don't know!

You like me are beginning to see the Bures are a stupid family!   David Lee tells me

Cynthia told them something at dinner!  Now you got insane Sandra Bures and Cathy..

besides the most insane dad and mother!  A boiling soup of stupidity!

Remember I did not know anything about this!  I was waking up enjoying my coffee like I normaly did on Sunday!   Not a expecting a attack of the Bures!

All the sudden There was three vehicles in the front yard!  And a mob coming in the house!    I was push down on the coach and told I was doing something to Cynthia!

I still don't really know what I did exactly! First I was accused of getting Cynthia in Debt!

(horseshit).   I did help add to the credit cards, but I also helped her pay the credit cards.

At least I thought the money was going there!  And Carol Cook also helped add to the credit cards. For some odd reason could never go out along!  Carol had to be there!

Carol and April always never had the money to pay for the expensive meals they ordered!

So Cynthia says We will put it on the card.    I saw $125.00 bill on night at a restraunt!

It is odd , even when we went out of town..Carol had to there!  Make you wonder!

And who paid the extra on the hotel bill! The credit card!  So you see I wasn't the only one!

Besides want Cynthia spent when she was without me!

I was also accused of cheating on Cynthia on Facebook (horseshit)

I had 385 followers on facebook.. I would of been a buy man! not to mention at least 10


I do believe David Lee when he told me the devorce was Cynthia's idea..

The rest was there to have a seperation!  But I also believe Sandra and Cathy already

told Cynthia on the way over to say that!  And he did not know!  I am sure David was there

to get the house!  As long as I was there he couldn't. So they use a innocient bi-polar

women (Cynthia) to take advantage. And it worked. Cynthia fell right into there trap!

You see Cynthia is like a child! She never believed her dad and mom steal 19,000 dollars

from her account to go gambling in Las Vegas!  She never let me be a husband..If anything went wrong she called David..

I felt sometimes more like a house slave then a husband!  And maybe I

was.. Someone to help pay the debts, cook, and clean house while Cynthia watched soap

operas    when this happened I was umemployed, lost my job at Dollar General in Edna, Texas..  I was $7.00 short in my drawer.  I still believe Cynthia had something to do with

that!  Lossing my job I mean!  So I did not have money coming in yet! So as I said only there to pay the bills, cook , and clean house.

To anwser the question where did the title come from!

It was said three times will i was being interogated.. I was there they would not help her

with debts!   So what did Judas do to Juess.. Sold him out for pieces of silver!

Like juess I was sold out for money!  I do say I am equall to juess!  I pray to him nightly!

But the resuts were the same;  He was punished and so was I ! Even though neither one of us did anything wrong! We were both sold out for money!  The only difference I was cruxified in different way!    I will give those details on page 6

end of page 5

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