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Cruxified In Ganado page3-4

Feb 22nd 2011 at 8:13 PM

Recent event linked to this story           page3


I am combining page 3 and 4 together!  Because they are short and

has to do with recent events..  But is very much part of the story,  that I still need

to tell you!    I telling this story slowly, because i want you to want to read the next

part I write.. Peeking your interest,  which is what i hope I am doing!!

With this I am kind of telling you the end!  This is what I mean!

It is tuesday February 22, 2011..  The day before devorce day! Now you can see

why I said the end.. Will be the end of a three year marriage,   that I thought was happy!

There was alway the family interference, but we overcame that!

Untill december 2, 2010 when her family finally won and got there nasty

claws into her!

Ok today I file new papers for the devorce.. Saying I was not able

to pay court cost!   This is going to be a surprise to Cynthia and her lawyer!

Because I filed one day before court!   I bought new razors and wash clothes

so I will be clean shaven and nicely dressed for the judge!  I really don't care

about anyone else!      Made sure I had plenty of gas in the car and set my alarm

two hours before I had to be in court!

But it was also painful today!  Half way hoping Cynthia

would change her mind!  Anger set in, depression, and broken heart!

My emotions did not know what to do!  And I do not know what will happen

tomorrow with thems!  I know since I am defending myself..they need to be in

check at all times in court.   I going to have to do things to Cynthia in court

I do not what to do, but if I don't I will become a pushover by her lawyer!

We will have to see what happens tomorrow!  Then I will tell you on page 4

end of page 3


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The Death of the Marriage                         page 4

Today I was hoping for a miricle...that Cynthia would change her mind

and this stupidity would end.. But at 10:30 on the 23 rd of February, 2011 the

marriage was put to death.

Even though I came out ahead in the number and money

thing ..there was no a devorce there never is!

I would give any amount of money to have our happy marriage back!

And have Cynthia be her loving self again..not the selfish, money hungry person

she has  become!

I lost my car, but it was due for the repo man next friday anyway! And was

paid $200.00 to boot.    No credit card debt..and no court cost!  So I came out the

winner even though I represented myself!   So the old adage " If you represent

yourself you have a fool for a client" ! Was shot out the window!

But I still see it as a unneccary death of a marriage!

It was totally stupid in nature,  constructed by Cynthia's family the Bures of

Ganado, Texas....77962 zip code!

Maybe I will find someone else, but I do not have the energy to look!

The depression is overwhemming, but I must keep going for my little dog(Chico)!

We were both betrayed and throw out like garbage!  But the Bures

underestimated me and a libile suit is comming to show the and chico

is not garbage , survivors.  There is not much more to tell you about today!

Read page 5.... and i promise to tell what happened to cause todays event!

end of page 4

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