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Cruxified In Ganado page2

Feb 9th 2011 at 2:12 PM

Cruxified In Ganado ---Background               page2


Before I get into the story of a marriage wrongly chopped in pieces

like a chicken or steak..  It can never be what it use to be or put together

again.. And it is cause by outside action like the family interference that caused

the end to our marriage.

But you need to know some of the characters that was

part of the story.


Lets start with my wife ..soon to be ex!  Cynthia!

She was a compassionate and tender person that I fell in love with!

Not a beauty queen, I am not super stud either.. But so beautiful on the inside!

And she was passionate and kind and supportive up untill her family branwash

her on December 2, 2010.    Yes i said braiwashed like a occult brainwashs and

follower.   On that day she said everything they wanted her to say!

I didn't have a change to talk to her because they took her out of the house!

They knew if we talked , we might make up and David wanted the house--so

they could not let that happen!  I am getting ahead of the story!

I still love her and really feel sorry for her being under the control of her

very controling family.   The Cynthia  that I know now is selfish and money hungry!

But maybe someday she will realize the truth, but it will be too late for us!

David Bures,  believed to be one of the main

people that caused this unnessary death of the marriage!

He had cause- the house Cynthia and I lived in!  Cynthia bought it from him

and he was not happy when I was doing research on who got the house

if something happened to Cynthia.. Cynthia signed a aggreement that she would

have to sell it back to him if ...she decided to move!   Well after I moved

out two days later.  He was remodling the house..showing me that was the real

reason behind using Cynthia to remove me from the house!

Dennis Bures.. another brother of Cynthia!..Also there

at the time on Dec 2, 2010.. Dennis I believe was also use by David and her sister

Sandra!  I believe Dennis was told lies and was really there to help his sister!

Cathy Bures... sister of Cynthia... Hot head and

femenist...anything that a man does is never right acording to her! Thinking that

why I consider danagerous and racist.toward men.    I believe she coached Cynthia in what to say as well as her sister sandra did!

Sandra Bures... bipolor and very I got to

stupid! I know i sound oppionated, but in her case it is true!  She brought to

showing our debts to the house!  You know the reports you get off the internet

that is years behind on your finicial status..  Yes the reason they gave was I was

responsible for Cynthia being in debt.. Based on that report!  But like I said David

wanted the house.  That is the reality of it.

And Cynthia mother and father....what can I

say!  Cynthia's father would never in three years allow me to come into there

house! Why? tell me!  I did nothing wrong to them and would of respected them

as my inlaws, but they acted stupid and would not let me!  I believe that her

mother was just doing it because of her husband's stuipity and was scared

to act on her own! Like Cynthia...This is where the controling family started!

And poor Cynthia was trapped family or husband!   She was scare of her dad

..which I believe there was lot abuse when she was growing up!  A major part

of the marriage death!

And last of all Carolyn Cook..Cynthia's best friend!

And so she said was mine, but proved to be trader!  As soon as Cynthia left the

Carolyn would have anything to do with me and turned her diaghter April (who

Thought of as my diaghter) against me!   Causing me more pain and suffering!

And the town of Ganado....a small texas town 27 miles

north of Victoria Texas and 97 miles south of Houston, Texas.

Everybody is kin to each other..mostly mexicians..

The Bures fill over a page in the phone book.. So you know It is a uphill fight for

me!  Then there the cousins and people married into the family!  Me I have no

family here and was left to stand alone!

But I survived and doing better!   Not good yet but better!

The Bures did not win and they never will!

end of page2

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