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Creative Options for Starting a Family

Nov 9th 2015 at 1:58 AM

Raising a child is one of the greatest joys a human being can experience. This trying yet rewarding stage of life is sought by many couples who have loved each other intensely for a long time and wish to expand that love by bringing a new person into the world and building a family. Sexual intercourse is, of course, the more conventional way of going about this, but for some couples, that may not be an option.


Same-sex couples, who lack the physiological means to induce a pregnancy, will turn to alternatives for family planning. Even heterosexual couples that want to be parents might sometimes run into problems with conventional conception methods. A father may have issues with erectile dysfunction, or complications regarding sperm count or motility. A mother may have fertility problems. When repeated attempts to conceive on their own have failed, many couples turn to in vitro fertilization, or IVF.


IVF is a procedure wherein an egg or eggs are retrieved from a woman’s ovaries and sperm is donated by a man. Sperm and egg are then placed in a liquid where the sperm can fertilize the egg outside of the body. After this, the fertilized egg is cultured in a medical facility for a few days until being implanted into the same woman where it will hopefully develop into a successful pregnancy. Unfortunately, sometimes even this process also fails due to various complications. In the case of such a failure, the next most viable option is gestational surrogacy.


Surrogacy involves the egg or eggs still being retrieved and fertilized by the sperm, but rather than the woman who originally provided the egg, it is instead implanted in another woman—a surrogate. This surrogate carries the pregnancy to term and ultimately gives birth to a child that is genetically descended from the sperm and egg donors.


When a couple decide to conceive via gestational surrogacy, it is important that they find their surrogate through an agency that will ensure that they are matched with an ideal candidate. Surrogates are thoroughly screened for physical and mental health, potential drug use and criminal background and for a lifestyle and environment conducive to successfully carrying the pregnancy to term. Once a suitable surrogate is found, the process of in vitro fertilization can move forward and the future parents can begin preparations to welcome their new child into the world and start their family. Click here for further information on finding a surrogacy center in San Diego.


Author Bio:-

Pat has been a longtime advocate of surrogacy. His experience in educating intended parents on the egg donation and international surrogacy process allow him to offer excellent insights. You can find his thoughts at Tumblr blog.

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