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Control water pollution by the storm water management services

Aug 20th 2015 at 6:22 AM

The level of water pollution by industrial waste have increased several folds day by day as a lot of new industries are setting up and industrial waste materials have been thrown into nearby water bodies. The waste materials are contaminating the water bodies, which is a threat to human life as well as posing a threat to the aquatic creatures. The population within the world is increasing and with the ever growing population the level of pollution has also increased. It is hindering the ecological balance and it has been disturbing it to a great extent. Not only industrial waste but also agricultural waste has been thrown into the nearby water bodies. The industrial waste and chemicals that are thrown away untreated increases the risk of water contamination. Adding to it, human and animal excreta are thrown into water bodies and all these forms of waste is contaminating the water and that has been a major cause of various water borne diseases. According to researchers, if the level of water pollution won’t be controlled further, then getting clean drinking water would certainly become a distant dream.

Effects of water pollution:

Aquatic life: pollution is killing creatures within the sea like fishes, crabs and varied other sea creatures. There is a higher risk of these sea creatures being killed in the near future by chemicals and wastage materials thrown into water bodies. The sea animals eat up the waste materials thrown into the sea and this has been the main cause of their death.

Ecological system:  the ecological system is becoming imbalanced by the increasing level of water pollution as pollution has been a threat not only to sea the animals but human life is also under constant threat.

Waterborne Disease: water pollution is indirectly giving rise to varying waterborne diseases that are a threat to human existence on the planet in an indirect manner. There are several diseases that have emerged just because of contaminated water that is taking a toll on human life because this seawater is recycled and supplied to human beings to reuse. Even sea food can lead to threatening of human life if eaten. So ultimately human beings are at a huge risk.

Clear drinking water isn't available in most parts of the planet and this has been a major drawback of water pollution. However, individuals and government bodies across the planet are currently giving a lot of importance to clean, the quality of water and attempting their best to shield the water from being contaminated. There are varied organizations that have come forward with various storm water management services to help control water pollution. They have tools to check the extent of contamination and supply effective treatments of treating water pollution like SWPPP, REAP, SWMP, SMART, etc. They employ the best engineers and technicians at work and utilize their skills for suggesting and providing various effective answers for water pollution. The professionals have hands on experience to treat contaminated water.

But employing various facilities for water quality management is not the sole answer to stop water pollution. Individuals will have to make efforts from their end to stop pollution by adopting the following practices: Do not throw untreated garbage in water bodies. Avoid wastage of water. Do not throw untreated industrial waste and chemical directly into water bodies. Promote the use of organic and environmentally friendly products.

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