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Conspiracy of the Rich - meets 'The Profits of Doom'

Jul 30th 2010 at 8:39 PM

   You may not of read Robert Kiyosaki's Conspiracy of the Rich see .

If not I suggest that you do so.  Reading it does make one wonder (even question) the extent to which cabals of the rich and powerful are prepared to go to increase their wealth and control.  Its seems really  to much of a stretch.

However, its fascinating to see the way the drama of Climate Change is playing out, who are the major players and beneficiaries.

'The Profits of Doom', in the 22 July 2010 issue of the influential British news weekly, the Times Higher Education, moves the debate on man-made climate change on from increasingly sterile scientific disputes this week, and places it firmly in the political arena.


The term "bootleggers and Baptists" is used to describe situations where groups with opposite moral aims collaborate. Sonja Boehmer-Christiansen, emeritus reader in geography at the University of Hull, and Aynsley Kellow, professor of government at the University of Tasmania, have discussed in their work many examples of Bootleggers donning their black Baptist gowns in the sphere of energy politics.

  • Canada, with a nuclear industry to promote, happily backed a Kyoto protocol that made nuclear power "clean" again. After Kyoto, an estimated US$50 billion has been made from the replacement of old Soviet reactors in Eastern European countries

  • Japan is energy poor, but since it was paying five times the market price to mine its own coal, it (like the UK and Germany) had a multibillion-dollar annual incentive to campaign for laws limiting its own coal industry

  • And when the US, in a rare display of internationalism, pushed through laws to ban chlorofluorocarbons globally (the Montreal Protocol, the provisions of which came into force in 1989), its concern about holes in the ozone layer fitted very comfortably with its control of all the key patents for the replacements.

Cohen traces the origins of the whole 'climate change phenomenon' back to a handful of rich Western economies. the political requirements of the UK and Germany to dismantle their coal industries, supported by Canada and Sweden with their nuclear interests, and the lukewarm support of the US itself, interested mainly in creating new financial markets in emissions trading. Oil companies, despite being misleadingly presented as 'opponents' of the Climate Change agenda, are in fact one of the big winners.

Together, the article argues, all these rich countries have been working to create binding global rules on CO2 emissions as a way of locking in their economic advantages - a profoundly unethical aim.

Cohen gives particular examples of how support for Climate Change is dodgy ethics, pointing out that:

  • wind power is an efficient way of taking money from poor people to give to the rich - and a totally inefficient way to make electricity;

  • solar power puts poor people in developing countries at risk of 'a toxic time bomb';

  • and that biofuels not only result in loss of rainforest habitats but put up the price of basic foodstuffs for people without cars or even electricity in countries like India.

Makes you think.

I guess there is little we, as individuals, can do to counter the juggernauts - the only way forwards I can see is to strive for personal freedom and independence, to have the  personal wealth to be insulated from the wheeling and dealing at the government and commercial level. 

To take a quote from the book Noble House - to develop your "Drop Dead Money"  (viz sufficient wealth at you can tell the world to back off, to be able to easily weather ant regulatory imposts etc.
Effectively to join them if you can't beat them.

The alternative is to continue in a JOB, trading your time for a diminishing amount of real money,  to go down with the Shrinking Middle Class.  Not my choice.

One way you can follow me is  -


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Dec 17th 2010 at 10:06 PM by nelica
Hello my friend Eric, I just follow you, your article I just read is very interesting one. The conclusion is clear, we have to fight and become wealthy even you are comfortable right now, the World is changing and nobody care about us if we don't find our way up to a very stable financial situation. All the countries including Europe are in huge problems and nobody know what tomorrow can bring. Definitely will be a major change in this World. God Bless us!

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