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Common Uses of Cast Iron

Jul 17th 2014 at 3:41 AM


Cast iron is seemingly the most contradictory type among the ferrous metals. Though it has excellent ability to withstand very high compression forces, it very brittle and it will always crack under tension forces without giving any warning. It also presents a challenge while bending or hammering it to form different shapes or patterns. But in general, cast iron is ideal in making a number of durable items. The cast iron foundry manufacturers employ different techniques to produce several variations of the metal with distinct properties that can be used in a wide variety of applications. Here are some of the most common uses of cast iron.

Manufacture of cookware

Many residential as well as commercial kitchens have a number of cast iron cookware. Cast iron cookware has numerous benefits over other types of cookware like those made from aluminum. For instance, cast iron pans have better heat distribution and they also have non-stick capabilities which are essential for high quality cookery. Besides, they are long lasting and less expensive compared with other cookware hence they present a versatile choice for many kitchens.

Manufacture of brake discs

Due to its durability and the fact that it’s good in resisting fatigue and the formation of cracks, certain types of cast iron like the compacted graphite iron casting are being used in the manufacture of brake pads for heavy motor vehicles and brake discs for the high speed trains. These machines move with phenomenon momentum and any other material can easily result into break failures and cause accidents.


Cast irons have been a darling of the construction industry for a very long time. The features that make the cast iron pipes be suitable for most of the plumbing works are its longevity, strength and the fact that it’s non-combustible hence it can act as a deterrent and stop the spread of fire during fire accidents.

Engine Blocks

Cast iron foundry manufacturers are slowly turning to this ferrous metal for making car engine blocks. This is after its use was stopped and the manufacturers switched to the use of aluminum to reduce the overall weight of the vehicles. But the use of compacted graphite iron casting in engine blocks have demonstrated perfect strength, stiffness and increased resistance to crack. The CGI is now being used to make pick up engine blocks using the v technology and it’s also used in the manufacture of turbo charged engines used in racing cars.

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