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Common Furnace Problems

Dec 14th 2015 at 1:38 AM

When it’s cold outside, it’s nice to come home to a warm, cozy house with the furnace quietly doing its job.If the heater goes out, or just doesn’t seem to be warming the home as it should, a variety of issues could be at work. Identifying the source of the problem is the first step in restoring comfort, and a variety of causes may be to blame for the failure.

The most typical furnace issues begin with dirty or clogged filters.You should inspect your furnace filters monthly during the heating and air conditioning season.Signs of dust buildup indicate that the filter needs to be replaced.Most homeowners need to replace their filters at least every other month.Keeping the filters cleaned and rotated may also prevent other maintenance problems from cropping up.

The thermostat is like the brain of your HVAC system.If it malfunctions, the heater will not turn on or off at the appropriate temperature or time.If your device is programmable, be sure to check the clock settings.Some thermostats require batteries, which will need replacing in order for the unit to work properly.

The ducts, grills and grates that allow air to flow from the furnace to each room of your home must remain open and unobstructed in order for your heater to work properly.Vacuum any dust or debris from return air grates and check any outdoor intake grills monthly for best performance. Additionally, these ducts must be leak-free for high efficiency and proper heat delivery.A professional can check your ducts for loose or leaky sections.

Pilot light problems can also cause your furnace to break down, or blow air that is unheated. These issues may be caused by drafts, clogs within the system or other electricaltroubles and require the expertise of a professional to diagnose and treat.Other natural gas supply issues may also be to blame for your heater malfunction.Check with an expert if you suspect issues with natural gas delivery.


Modern furnaces, especially high-efficiency models, can produce several gallons of waste water per day.The appliance is equipped with drain lines to shed this excess moisture.If the drain lines become blocked or restricted, the heater may shut down.


Proper monthly filter and grate checks as well as a yearly checkup performed by a professional will help your system to run smoothly.If your furnace does go out, or is struggling to provide the necessary heat, it may be due to issues with the pilot light, drain lines or thermostat. Check out this website for HVAC repair in Apex.


Author Bio:-

Anthony has 15 years of experience as a HVAC Technician and writes on all matters relating to this. You can find his thoughts at comfort at any temperature blog.

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