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Common Drain Problems

Dec 23rd 2015 at 2:27 AM

Plumbing is a modern convenience often taken for granted until water or drainage issues crop up. There are many simple and some complicated drain problems that homeowners may face. Some difficulties can be identified quickly, while others require the sleuthing of a plumbing professional to detect and solve.


One of the most common situations homeowners face is a slow moving drain. If only one sink or tub in the home is having trouble draining, the cause is likely a buildup of soap scum, hair or other debris in the pipes just below that drain. These issues can often be solved quickly and easily. If several or all of the drains are moving slowly, it is possibly a sign of a larger problem, and definitely warrants a call to a professional. A plumber may use an auger, a camera or other specialized tools to identify the cause and location of the blockages.


Clogged toilets or sinks are another familiar plumbing issue.If a slow drain is not promptly addressed, it can lead to a complete blockage. If using a plunger or a simple home plumbing snake doesn’t dislodge the obstruction, more specialized tools may be needed to restore drainage. Snarls can occur anywhere in the pipe system and must be fully cleared in order for your waste water to drain properly.


It is also possible to encounter a sewage backup. While this is a major problem, there are several indicators that will tip you off before a blockage occurs. Draining problems throughout the residence are a warning sign that indicate a backup is possible in the future. It is also important to inspect pipes in older homes, especially if they are made of galvanized material. These types of lines fill up with calcium deposits over time and will eventually require attention to prevent a complete blockage.


During the colder months of the year, it is possible for drain issues to be caused by frozen pipes. If your area is experiencing a cold snap, or you’ve been away from home for a while and turned down the thermostat, ice buildup may be to blame for a sudden drainage problem.


Another indicator that your drains may be having issues is a fruit fly infestation. If the water trap located in the pipe just below the drain dries out, you may notice a foul smell, or a fruit fly problem. Pouring several gallons of hot water followed by some household bleach should cure the issue. For Drain repair in San Marcos, visit this website.


About the Author:

Bob puts his many years of plumbing experience to good use by writing on various plumbing topics on his blog at Livejournal blog.

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