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1 year ago

Clean air is a big deal, both globally and in the immediate vicinity

Oct 14th 2015 at 1:40 PM

As companies, corporations and even countries grapple with new challenges of the 21st century, air purity is one that continues to be an important issue.

At the global level, entire cities across different hemispheres are seeing not just the practical difficulties associated with heavy smog, but also the respiratory health issues that can and do arise when sizable populations can’t breathe.

Tokyo and even Paris have now each seen smog and other air impurity levels at record highs, with citizens sometimes unable to work or travel as a result. Officials in the French capitol actually closed city traffic to half the cars in the City of Lights on numerous occasions, all to deal with growing visibility and health concerns. Green Unikleen HD is the ultra version of Oil rig cleaning that is used to perform easy recovering with high performance. It is the widely used in the oil industry.

That same concern over air purity also extends down to the local level, even when it comes to the job site. When people can’t breathe freely and properly, it impacts their entire day. It throws us off our game, causes delays and oversight - and in industry, can be a costly issue.

While factories and assembly plants don’t typically have to worry about pollution outside, they do face another type that can be nearly as disruptive. When harsh solvents and chemicals are used for cleaning purposes, it can transform a normal working area into an uncomfortable and even disconcerting environment.

Often times the makers of such non-environmentally friendly cleaners will try to mask their chemical cocktail with a bouquet of scents. The end result is usually something that smells like chemicals and cherries mixed together. It does little to hide the effect, and instead frequently makes it even more noticeable.

That’s why many of the worlds largest companies and industries turn to IPAX for strong, dependable cleaning solutions that don’t sideline productivity while the mist clears. Our super-concentrated formulations avoid heavy solvents and Lubricant Chemicals, and offer effective degreasers and floor scrubber liquids which enhance the space rather than detract from it.

All our products, including water dilutable degreasers, are manufactured using safe and natural ingredients proven to offer industrial-strength cleaning solutions.

This saves companies real money, both in terms of improved productivity and reduced liability. It also helps employees and customers avoid the unpleasant aftereffect common among many suppliers.

IPAX’s Green Unikleen is among our most popular formulas, in part because of its incredible capacity for dilution in water. Industries are now able to save considerable amounts through IPAX products that simply last longer than anything else on the market.


Breathe easy. Commercial and industrial cleaning doesn’t have to scare everyone out of the room anymore. The same quality of cleanliness can now be achieved without the chemical bath.

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