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Christianity Today vs The Christianity Of Yesterday

May 4th 2011 at 6:33 PM

Hello and thanks for taking the time to read my first full article. By the following, you may be offended, as it will prove to be one extremely hard to accept subject. It may floor you, it may change your life as you thought you knew it, forever. As I stated in my About me intro - "About the ghost who talks" , it's entirely up to you how you take it, whether you accept it anything I write and post,as gospel or simply here say, or total garbage. Don't get me wrong, I am not writing this to debunk Jesus nor Christanity, I wouldn't dare, as like most,I am but a struggling want-to-try-to be. I love GOD and all that history,and mystery, that someone, or something took the time to answer my prayers, and revealed me the truths I really seek. That shows me, that that someone or something really loves me! How can I not be touched and extremely greatful in a world full of the insane prevalent mentalities - "Hey, look at me I'm so preh preh preh T, I just might be Brit Brit Britney" , "gimmee gimmee gimmee" and  "what have you got that I can take"?

"And GOD so loved the world ( which includes me) that he..." John 3:16

I will make no apologies, or go weak at the knees and cry like a little girl, because someone's ego gets hurt. I only want to make my fellow human beings see the truth, because that's what my articles are all about.

Okay, now on with the show!

Christian, you may be being duped by your own religion and religious leaders. Your Pastor may have all the goody good intentions in all of heaven and earth, but be one of many "dumbed" zombies,not consciously aware, that he is preaching a bogus form of the Good News.

First, I quote Chris Keppel from the TV series "Give Me An Answer". (I actually e-mailed him some questions,and never got an answer!)

"You could never prove to anybody that the word of GOD is and is inspired by the bible and it is a waste of time doing so.It is a waste of your time and my time doing so. But, the gospels are where we read about Jesus etc.Can I trust these gospels to give me accurate historical information so I can make an educated decision about Jesus? Come up with your own tests to come up with or determine historical reliability. Apply these to all documents.

1) Test for: Internal consistency - Are there contradictions within this supposedly accurate book?

2) Literary style - saying, i.e. At this time, back upon the land of Nod,so and so both took a boat ride through Atlantis to see Archimedes in wonderland (my addition as I couldn't hear what he said due to a video glitch), - that's pure fantasy, logically.

3) Or is it in line with, this place or time, were these people around to watch,and say "Jesus said this, and that.He did this,and that."

4) Archaeology - Is the document talking about the land of Atlantis? If so, this is fantasy, a myth,legend as no archaeological evidence of it exists. The Gospels are almost over 2,000 years old - What gives you any certainty that it is what the eye witnesses wrote?

Today's modern English bibles are based on over 5,200 Greek manuscripts to being dated from the 1st century AD to the 10th century AD. Attesting to incontestible degree.Read the word of GOD. Read the bible as NOT the word of GOD but as history. Simply history. Does the historical evidence report or reveal Jesus as a QUACK or THE TRUTH? You don't have the type of manuscript of the Old Testament manuscript,that we have in the New Testament."

"Jesus was either a lunatic, a liar, or who he caimed to be." C.S. Lewis ,author of "The Lion the witch and the wardrobe".

And now check this out -

"Assumptions - are dangerous. Especially when they are made in religion. The realm of religion.If a theological belief is based upon a faulty assumption,the religious practice will be in error.

"Don't be forced by men in the observances of Sabbaths,seasons,feasts,or holy days."

The most common assumption in Christendom, is the Biblical sabbath and that the Sunday is the day that The Christ was ressurrected.These beliefs are built upon another assumption,that the modern week was has cycled continuously and without interruption ever since creation. The facts of the Julian Calendar - wow this is  really going to hurt some - prove these assumptions false.The Julian Calendar was established in 45 BC,like the calendar of the Roman Republic BEFORE it, the early Julian calendar had an 8-day week.Days of the week on the REPUBLICAN and Julian Calendar were assigned letters A through to H. See picture here, in fact read the full article there, as I don't want to bore you with endless text!

I created this at Adkreator! What do you think?

More to come...





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Jul 26th 2011 at 9:42 PM by theghostwhotalks
Just finished watching a documentary by the BBC on "Who killed Jesus - and why?" And it's blown me out of my dungarees! The Modern Bibles today are copies of copies of copies,and are the Latin Vulgate, Codex Sinaticus versions used and heavily edited, that's why they are contradictory. All done and admitted to by the Roman Catholic church, after Constantine became Emperor! I trust the BBC more than the net, and WIKIPEDIA. Jesus WAS crucified to a stake, or tree - Hebrew, not the CROSS or Crux - latin...Matthew Mark etc are NOT the true authors as they have been proven to have been written years after Christ's death, by authors in Rome! Matthew Mark etc were writing "according"(according to witness reports, which can be fancified!) My testimony - I believe in Yahuwah and Yahshua Meshiahk (GOD and JESUS) and all he did! But I think I'll stick to reading the Aramaic Peshitta translated by Alexander, Younann,maybe Lamsa,from NOW on! As Paul etc spoke and wrote all in Aramaic NOT the Greek! It was all translated from the Aramaic, into Modern Greek,not the Old Greek, which supposedly is lost, not vice versa!

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