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Children’s Literature Adaptions of the Phantom of the Opera

Nov 30th 2015 at 5:47 AM

Andrew Lloyd Weber’s version of the Phantom of the Opera may be a little bit too scary to take children to see. Currently casting a very talented James Barbour as the Phantom, you can read about James Barbour’s work on IMDB, Weber’s version is the most well-known. There have actually been adaptions made in children’s literature based on the Phantom of the Opera, so that children can enjoy and learn about this classic story line, without the fear of nightmares.

Phantoms Don’t Drive Sports Cars (1988)

This 1988 children’s book written by Marcia T. Jones and Debbie Daddey, is actually part of a larger book series. The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids is a series of stories; in each stories the Bailey School Kids encounter a relatively mysterious character. Some of these characters are mythical and some are not. The books leave the reader guessing at whether or not the mysterious character encountered by the children is the mythical character they think it may be or not. The series contains more than eighty books total.

In Phantoms Don’t Drive Sports Cars, the children go to the Bailey City Opera House on a field trip. Upon arrival, the children see a sports car parked out front. Later in the story, the children learn that a really talented violinist owns the car. After the Opera, the mysterious man appears in their classroom and the Phantom begins doing things to one of the children who did not behave at the Opera. Because of this, the children decide that they need to make the Phantom leave.

Phantom of the Auditorium (1995) by R. L. Stine.

One of the most famous children’s horror series are Stine’s stories entitled Goosebumps. Sixty-two books were published in the series between 1992 and 1997. Some of the books were even adapted for the hit television series under the same title (Goosebumps).

The Phantom of the Auditorium was actually the twenty-fourth book in Stine’s hit series. The story begins with Brooke Rodgers and Zeeke Mathews being cast in the school play entitled the Phantom. Later on in the story, a girl who does the scenery for the play tells Brooke a story. The story is about a boy who was supposed to be the Phantom in 1923 and his sudden disappearance. She tells Brooke that they never found his body and that if they try and do the play again, the boy’s ghost will appear on the stage. Brooke’s friend Tina, who is actually not her friend at all, is cast as Brooke’s understudy in the heavily edited version of the Phantom of the Opera. Tina tells Brooke that there is actually a phantom in the school and that the play is actually cursed. Tina tells her that seventy-two years earlier a boy found the script to the play in the basement and the school decided to put on the production. However, on opening night the boy disappeared and was never seen again. The school destroyed all copies of the production. Through the long and mysterious plot, the ending reveals that a new boy in school (who Brooke sort of takes a liking to), is actually the missing child from seventy-two years prior.

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