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Cheap and best world of warcraft power leveling video games guide

Dec 2nd 2012 at 5:56 AM

Today, video games utilize cutting-edge technology in order to provide fast paced entertainment. Video games are generally played at home on a television or personal computer as a handheld portable game. They are also packaged in large consoles, game packs that can be played on the same hardware in a video arena or mall.

In most console video games these days you will find imitate box-office blockbusters with life-like, amazing special video and sound effects bringing a breath of fresh air to the game.

To understand why games might be good for the mind is virtually nothing but improving hand-eye coordination and firing real like weapons on enemy targets. The majority of video games on the best-seller list contain no more bloodshed than a game of risk. Among all popular media today, video games are unique in their reliance on the regime of competence principle. Movies or television shows don’t start out with simple dialogue or narrative structures and steadily build in complexity depending on the aptitude of individual viewers.

Who has not heard yet about World of Warcraft? For those who are not very familiar with the notion – it’s incredible! However, the game like World of Warcraft is constantly changing.

The experts over at Zygor Guides have created the end-all guide for mastering every aspect of the warcraft games. These are the same guys whose famous Leveling Guides revolutionized the way people play World of Warcraft.

The Zygor Leveling Guides are created by John Cook and it’s designed to enable World of Warcraft players to quickly increase their level. This is an easy to use guide for new players and it’s the least intrusive one. You can learn from the guide increase your character’s level.

With the new Zygor Guide you don’t have to switch back and forth between screens so you can keep your attention on the game play. There are two separate screen modes. One is a large picture view that shows you all of the steps that you need to complete to advance your character in the quests. Players do not use this modes a lot because the amount of information affects the game play. The second screen mode is smaller and shows the current and next steps that you need to complete the current quest. A small arrow shows you the direction in which you need to travel to reach the next encounter or step in the quest.

A great thing about such guides is its interactive components. There are only a few guides that are designed with an in-game guide mode.

A very good feature included in Zygor Guide is the waypoints. Players who have used the original version of this Guide will remember that it was full of waypoints and was filled with so much information that it was almost impossible to use in an efficient manner. As opposed to the old design, the new Zygor Guide gives you only the waypoint for the quest that you have highlighted. You are given a clear map window and when you move your cursor to a waypoint you will be shown the steps that you need when you arrive at this new location.

With the option feature provided, players change window opacity and increase and decrease the size of on-screen guides, waypoints and icons. A starter guide for each race is included in everyone one of the in-game leveling guides. For instance, you’re playing as an Alliance character. Zygor's In-Game Alliance Leveling Guide includes a Starter Guide for Gnome, Dwarf, Draenei, Night Elf, and the Human races. And if you are playing as Horde character The In-Game Horde Leveling Guide includes a Starter Guide for the, Orc, Troll, Blood Elf, Tauren, and Undead races. 

As a world of wargames tool this comes in handy and new players will greatly appreciate this latest feature.


With all of this great new content, this means there's a lot to learn. Luckily, there are guides being produced that cover all of this new content in its entirety, all in-game and available right now.

Click here to learn more.



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