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Characteristics of a Good Conveyor Belt Deicing Compound

Aug 3rd 2015 at 2:22 AM

A deicer or a deicing compound is one, which is used to remove effectively the frozen snow and also thaw the conveyor belt in an industry during the winter months.

Conveyor belts in manufacturing industries are subjected to many rigorous and harsh conditions of weather. Thus, one need a perfect solution to make sure that the belt delivers all your products on time and is running all twenty-four hours. Hence, there is a need for compounds that can keep freeze at bay, and clean up the conveyor belt efficiently, from snow and ice.

Since the deicers have such important function to execute, let us look at some characters that make these deicers the best companions during the winter months.

•    A deicer should be able to sustain temperatures way beyond zero, to make them efficient in extreme colder conditions. This is a must, because, a deicer should never freeze itself on the conveyor belt, thereby leaving the mess to tackle later.
•    We need a deicer that can dissolve completely in industrial solvents such as ethylene glycol, and thus, will help us in their easy application. The deicers are usually sprayed on the conveyor belts, and thus, need a proper solvent to make sure the application proceeds without flaw. Hence, unless we have a perfectly solvent soluble deicer, our job is only half done.
•    The basic compound in a deicer should not interfere later on, with the environment of the compounds conveyed on the belt. It is often seen that the halogen compounds, such as sodium chloride or calcium chloride deicers tend to leave residual chlorides behind, thus, polluting the surroundings. Now, there are compounds such as potassium acetate and glycerin, which are perfectly safe to use and do not leave any residues.
•    We do not want the deicer to corrode the components of the belt, such as the metal rod or the concrete base. Hence, the deicer should be non-corrosive.
•    Other essential qualities of a deicer include rapid drying, quick spreading on the conveyor belt, and also a longer lasting capacity.

With a deicer, comprising of all the above characteristics, we can safely continue our manufacturing, without worrying about snow or hail. Similarly, an environmentally safe deicer will never give you a moment of anxiety about the credibility of using it during the colder months.

The experts believe that the deicers such as potassium acetate contain lower biological oxygen demand level, and thus, can be biodegraded quickly. Moreover, combined with the ability to withstand minus forty temperature, potassium acetate fits our bill as a perfect deicer.

About the Company:

Novamen Inc. is a privately held company and was started in 2010. With over 30 years of combined knowledge and experience in these markets, the founders are building the company with the intention of offering products and services to industrial clients that go beyond those of traditional chemical companies. Operating in Alberta, Novamen Inc. focus is primarily to industrial, oil, natural gas and mining industries throughout Canada. Visit Novamen Inc. to learn more about the chemical solutions you need more accessible, efficient, and cost effective than it has ever been.

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