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Catalytic Converter Smelting – The Cheapest Way To Find Scrap Precious Metals

Dec 17th 2015 at 4:38 AM

Most people are not even aware of the existence of catalytic converters in their cars and even fewer know the fact that this device is actually a storehouse of precious metals that can be extracted when turning your car over for scrap. In fact, automobile owners are actually recommended to sell their scrap catalytic converters separately to specialist procurement companies who will be ready to pay a good price for the device which will be then taken forward to their smelting plant for extraction of residual metals. You will be surprised to know that the broken down piece of equipment that you just sold away actually possesses residual stores of metals like Platinum and Palladium!

Suddenly your old car doesn’t look so decrepit right?

Very few countries have platinum supplies, with South Africa (80%) and Russia (11%) accounting for approximately 90% of the world's supply. The yearly production from these mines is only 150 tons, which is 1/25 of the yearly production of gold. In fact, from many aspects, Platinum can actually be considered to be more valuable than Gold. Although it is used in many industrial applications, including the automotive industry, platinum jewelry consistently commands higher prices than even pure gold because of its rarity.

Catalytic converters use these metals to carry out a complex set of chemical reactions in your automobile, aimed at reducing the harmful emissions coming out of the exhaust. The use of this device is actually mandatory by law in most countries which means that even your car will have one installed. Catalytic converters are also used on generator sets, forklifts, mining equipment, trucks, buses, trains, and other engine-equipped machines and each of this device contains between three and seven grams of platinum. That is actually quite a good stash of cash sitting around on your old, junk worthy car.

If you are wondering who to sell your catalytic converter to, there are many companies who are actually in this business full time. These service providers procure scrap devices from all over the country and take them for catalytic converter decanning and catalytic converter smelting. These processes help them to extract this store of precious metal from a potential piece of garbage and use it again for industrial applications. With the scarcity in supply as well as rising prices of Platinum, these small bits of residual metal will definitely help ease the strain on the market.

If you consider actual prices, scrap catalytic converter numbers will prove to be more than the value you can get for your entire junk automobile. This fact alone should be enough to get your interest spiked. However, you are advised to not attempt to extract the device or the residual metal from it yourself. Of course, there are various online tutorials that will teach you how to do it, but one mistake will have you losing that precious stash of cash. Its best if you get the experts involved.

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About The Author

Tom Blake is an expert in recycling catalytic converters who also likes to write many interesting articles and blogs, helping people in understanding the process and the many advantages that stem from it. In the US, he recommends as the most trusted specialist for this job.


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