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Casino scams are rife!

Jun 23rd 2011 at 12:39 AM

Wow! I have only recently spent time at a large city casino in June, as it was my mother's birthday, and tonight I found this astonishing article!

A must read if you frequent the Casinos!

The author at -

wishes to detail a series of events and understandings of casino gaming and betting strategies that have left me no recourse but to come forward with the information.

"I was employed at a casino for five years as food service professional. During my employment there I began to frequent the casino to play blackjack as it is a game that I have much enjoyed in the past. After playing for many different sessions of blackjack, I became aware that a particular betting strategy that I was using that tended to leave me in a much better profit position. I had a number of winning sessions back to back, and determined that I could make a better living as a professional gambler using the betting strategy. I quit my job and began my career as a professional gambler. After several winning sessions on the blackjack table, I had acquired a bankroll of approximately $1000 after my living expenses we taken out.

On a particular evening, I was playing blackjack using my legal strategy. There were two men who joined me at the table on either side of me. The man to my right said “If everybody used this strategy, there would me nothing but millionaires”. After a number of hands the other gentleman to my left said that “if you can play at this level you must know what your doing”. The two men began playing random irregular hands whereby one would play two hands, then play one hand on the second hand. The other would play one hand when the other was playing two. They continued to alternate their hands, in my opinion to influence the cards that I was receiving.  Is something going on here?

When the two men sat down my cards had gone from winning every 1-2 hands to losing almost every 4-5 even 6 hands in a row. I began to retaliate against them by playing two hands to get my cards back to the way they were, but I ran out of money and lost almost $700 at the hands of these two men. On one of the last hands, the man to my left said “we just don't want you to move over” meaning they don't want me to play two hands with my strategy. It is my belief that the casino sent two men to play against me to take my chips away from me to keep me from moving up to my next progression bet on the $25 chip stack. (The strategy is detailed below)

The next night I returned with the remainder of my bank roll, I was approached by a third gentleman who sat next to me on the blackjack table. He was holding a thick stack of $1 bills between his legs underneath the table showing them to me and attempting to teach me a how to hide the strategy from people. He was insinuating that I would be able to take as much money off the table as I wanted. The strategy he was teaching was a simple topping maneuver. Whereby on a winning bet, you simply take half the winning bet and add it to your next bet. Then take off on a win. This is a simple topping bet that does not apply the principles of taking back on secondary wins as explained below.

During the course of this short session, I was unable to maintain my chip stack because I was not scrapping off the half of the second bet on every other winning hand like my original betting strategy. When I had finally lost all my money, the man looked at me, laughed at me, cashed in his chips and left the table. The betting strategy that I discovered was a simple way of handling winning bets. The strategy is explained below.   These men were under the employ of the Casino Industry and play with casino money to be able to play with as much money as they need to accomplish their mission.

Double Declining Betting Strategy

Definition: Betting strategy whereby the value of the investment in any hand is declined by half on all winning hands through a continuous run of winning hands. The strategy presses up a winning bet by half, scraps off on successive wins.

I went to the casino on another evening to complain to the General Manager about the events. It was then that the security supervisor came to address the situation. He took me into a back office and I explained the fact that there were people playing against me.  The security supervisor decided in his noble wisdom that I had a gambling problem because of all the stress that it was placing on me and that I didn't have FUN in the casino like all the other guests. Instead of addressing my accusations, the security supervisor issued me a 90 day ban from the casino. As I tried to convince both the security supervisor and the DCI agent that my stress was being caused because there were people within the casino who were attempting to make me lose my money INTENTIONALLY.  DCI did nothing to help me with the issue, but allowed the casino to ban me without.  All of my statements were refuted with nothing but rhetoric.

When the duration of the 90 day ban had reached its end I returned to the casino. Because of my fears that people are embedded with the casino to play against people, I turned my attention to the craps table.    I was attempting to keep myself from exposing how much money I was winning.  So I kept a trimmed stack in front of me and kept the larger chips in my pockets. After a large number of craps sessions, I began to develop a higher understanding of dice frequencies, probabilities and combination possibilities.

Dice Pattern Conspiracy

Craps Dice Possible Combinations

2) 1-1 1 combination

3) 2-3 1 combination

4) 1-3 2-2 2 combinations

5) 1-4 2-3 2 combinations

6) 1-5 2-4 3-3 3 combinations

7) 1-6 2-5 3-4 3 combinations

8) 2-6 3-5 4-4 3 combinations

9) 3-6 4-5 2 combinations

10) 4-6 5-5 2 combinations

11) 5-6 1 combinations

12) 6-6 1 combinations


The total number of possible combinations is 21 1+1+2+2+3+3+3+2+2+1+1= 21 That means that on any given roll there are only 3 in 21 possibilities of a seven rolling. With regulation dice there is a higher probability of 18/21 probability of any number other than a seven rolling.

Many players believe that when two dice are thrown, that each dice is an independent roll and that the combined number on the dice determines the outcome. But this is only an illusion. This is because one number (dice) has to set for the number of the second dice to determine the final outcome. For example, in order for a 2 to be rolled in any given roll, the first dice must have landed on a 1. The second 1 determines the final outcome of 2. This means that the probability of any number ever being rolled in any given roll is one out of six possibilities. This is because the first dice must be set, for the second to determine the final outcome in any given roll.  Therefore, a seven, even thought it has a higher number of combinations, then say for example a 2, there is an equal probability of a seven rolling as there is a 2. They are both 1 in 6 probability in any given roll.

After playing a large number of games of craps, I tended to see a pattern emerging. That even though there may be a long roll that goes for a long time, where the point is made, and the dice are kept in play, the probability of a seven rolling, is still 1 in 6 in any given roll. Yet when a seven is rolled and the dice are returned to the dice bind, and a player selects the new dice.  One, two and even three sevens can hit on the come out. Then when the point is made, even though there is a 1 in 6 probability of a seven rolling, and it is highly unlikely to occur in that many instances consecutively because there are only 3/21 possible combinations, It will hit again in just a short number of rolls.

This led me to theorize that there is a different pattern formation on the dice that increased the possible combinations of seven being rolled, when those particular dice were in play. So I began scrutinizing the dice. Checking three sides to verify that I was rolling with regulation (identical) dice. It wasn't until one particular session, that someone was playing next to me that I was able to conclusively and positively visual verify that there were different dice patterns on the two dice that were in front of the other player. This was the first verification of different dice patterns being in play.   I can prove this because in order to visually verify a set of regulation dice there must be three sides that match with identical numbers. Though it is tough to spot, you can identify an irregular patterned set of dice by matching up two sides of the dice. The third side will have the opposing number. For example. In the third number position where a 4 is on the first dice, a 3 will be on the second. where a 5 is on the first dice, a 2 will be on the second. Where a 6 is on the first dice, a 1 will be on the second. On his second roll a seven was hit. Even though it is a 1 in 6 possibility of seven rolling on any given roll and 3/21 possible combinations. It is extremely unlikely.

The dice pattern that I am referring to is a simple modification to one set of numbers (possibly two and even three sets) on any particular dice. The pairing of the different irregular patterned dice increases the probability of a seven hitting. Below is an example of the sides of the dice and the different number located on the dice. The first represents a regulation dice, the second indicates an irregular dice pattern.


Regulation Dice

Side  Side  Side

A       B       C

1-6     2-5     3-4


Irregular Pattern Dice


Side Side Side   Side Side Side   Side Side Side

A    B    C          A     B     C         A    B    C

6-1  2-5  3-4        6-1  5-2  3-4        6-1  2-5  4-3

On this dice the 6-1 holds the top of the cube and the other numbers are modified.

Irregular Pattern Dice


Side Side Side   Side Side Side   Side Side Side

A     B     C        A     B     C      A     B     C

1-6  5-2  3-4       6-1  5-2  3-4      1-6  5-2  4-3

On this dice the 5-2 holds the top of the cube and the other numbers are modified.

Irregular Pattern Dice


Side Side Side    Side Side Side    Side Side Side

A    B     C         A     B     C          A     B     C

1-6   2-5   4-3       6-1  2-5  4-3       1-6   5-2   4-3

On this dice the 4-3 holds the top of the cube and the other numbers are modified.



Case In Theory


Using Einstein's “thought experiment” (proving a theory in thought when it cannot be proven visibly) I came to the conclusion that utilizing an irregular dice pattern does in fact have a tremendous different in the final outcome of a typical dice roll.

For example: Imagine a cube, mark an X at the top. Now imagine a different pattern formation on each cube, where a 6 is on one cube on the X side, and the opposing cube has a 1 on the X side. Imagine to be holding the dice with the X on top, now imagine to throw the dice. In a perfect universe, imagine that the dice roll an equal number of revolutions and turns to land with both X's on top. The final outcome is influenced by having a different pattern on the second dice. This is because with a set of regulation dice, a 12 or 2 would have been the final outcome of the imagined roll. The test holds up irregardless of which number holds the X position that is representing a regulation cube.

I was able to visual verify, conclusively, that on 3 separate occasions that different dice pattern were in play in the Casino I was frequenting. The first verification occasion was a just before another player to my left was about to throw the dice. I was able to observe it, without any mistake whatsoever for a full 60 seconds. The second instance happened a few day later. On the second occasion of positive verification the dice were sitting in the perfect position for me to conclusively, visual verify that there were two different dice patterns in play. The dice were sitting directly in front of me and in front of the pit boss for a full 3-5 minutes while other players cashed in their chips. It should also be noted, that on this specific occasion, the player accidentally threw one of the dice out of the table and onto the floor.  When he selected a second dice, on the second throw, a seven was hit. I visually verified that the dice pair he threw was an irregular pattern dice pairing. On the last occasion, On one roll when I was checking the three sides, I selected two dice with different patterns. I returned one dice to the stick man and selected a second matching dice.  This was the day I was eventually banned from all the Casinos properties.

I was extremely upset about this and spoke aloud to the pit boss "interesting dice patterns". The pit bosses posture immediately sunk. It looked as though he had just been punched in the stomach. Almost as if to say " I can't believe he just said that out loud." This leads me to believe that the pit bosses know full well that irregular patterned dice are being used on the dice table. In my opinion, if he was unaware of such fact, he would have simply had no reaction at all, or have looked at me with a confused look, not understanding what I was talking about.

I was enraged at the fact that the casino can use these types of dice  so I was making a bit of noise about it in the casino to subliminally alert the other customers to a cover up. I was removed from the Casino for causing a disturbance.  When speaking with the security guard and the DCI agent, I explained tha I was upset that different dice patterns where being used on the craps table.  The DCI agent told me that "we were not discussing that".  That we were in fact discussing your problem with remaining in control on the Casino floor.  Both men were insiuating I had a problem with gambling, and they showed absolutely no interest in discussing the dice patterns at all.  The DCI agent insisted that this topic not be discussed. All they wanted to talk to me about was my gambling problem. I was forced to speak to a councelor about it to return to the casino. DCI did not address my dice pattern accusation at all because they thought I was making it up.

Two days later after my counceling session, I returned to the casino. It was on this day that I made my third verification of pattern dice being in play on the craps table. On one roll when I was checking the three sides, I selected two dice with different patterns. I returned one dice to the stick man and selected a second matching dice. Ten minutes into my play, I was in the middle of a winning long rolling session, because I was playing with the regulation dice that I had visually verified. DCI interrupted my play to talk to me and address yet another situation. When I was walking past the pit bosses, I asked "can't I do anything in here anymore" one of them shook his head “NO” almost as it to say "we don't what your play here anymore".  IS THERE A PROBLEM HERE?

I was taken into the back area and was approached by the security supervisor who told me that my last outbursts, had irritated some of the other guests.

( I TGWTs; wonder, if asked could they find those claimed to have been irritated by his outbursts, and inform those people they claim were irritated, to step up and prove it face to face!? I seriously doubt it! It's like a cop in a squad car pulling me over walking my neighborhood, and stating I fit the EXACT description of a devious character breaking into cars in the area. When they radio in my description and what I'm wearing, a different description is relayed! Despite evidences that prove I am innocent, they swear black and blue, I was the culprit causing the disturbance! )

As I explained to the security supervisor my angry outbursts were being caused because the casino is using different dice patterns on the dice table. The security supervisor continued to assert that he was concerned for my safety as well as other guests about my outbursts. I assured him that I had my emotions in check and that there would be no more outbursts from me. But because he was upset that he could not keep me off the boat with the first 90 day ban, decided personally that we wanted to demonstrate his authority with me. The security supervisor doesn't even consider that the casino has been abusing me on the blackjack and craps table. The security supervisor says "that I just don't seem to be having fun here" and that this is an indication of a gambling problem. Though I enjoy gaming, I don't come on the boat to merely have fun. I am an analytical player and scrutinize the game, The security supervisor is convinced I have a gambling problem and banned me from all the casino properties permanently.

I was going to file a law suit, but after I pondered the full weight of it all, I knew that something else had to be done.  People needed to be aware of this so they are not injured in the future. the Casino Industry is trying to hide this within their organization and they are really abusing people along the way.   I was going to simply take my vengeance out on the casino craps table in another Casino, but there are people who are playing craps who don't even know these dice patterns are being used.  When they find out about it, they are treated horribly.

Casino Industry the veil needs to be lifted here.  You can't just keep hurting people and expect to get off with just a little slap on the wrist and a thank you for a populace that has been humiliated and beaten by your desperate means to hid your embarrassing secret. You need to be honest with us.  WE ARE DEMANDING IT!!  You may offer some wonderful things to our communities, but you have no right to destroy our credibilies and reputations just because we find out you are doing something illegal. That is why I've brought this information forward.  Be honest with us and practice fair disclosure of this information.  your dice pattern trap influences the number seven being rolled.  I have witnessed it.

What are you going to do about this besides hurt people?"

P.S. Next time I go to a casino, I'll be watching to see if I can spot these tricks! TGWTs.



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Hmmm seems like someones blocked a lot of the images out... could it be SOME ONE doesn't want this kind of info let out of the bag? yes more than likely. But could be just IM faceplate decided!

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