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Careful not to Miss out on Investing in Africa

Nov 27th 2015 at 2:04 AM

Up until recently, investing in a country that is not located in Europe or in the Americas was all but unheard of. However, certain African countries have already paved their grounds to success, as they excel in development more than some of their European counterparts. Even though the African continent is still suffering from numerous troubles, from the Ebola virus ravaging certain countries in the West and various armed conflicts claiming lives of Nigerians and Kenyans, many businessmen and entrepreneurs choose to invest in this continent. This is a result of numerous up and coming countries in Africa.

Growing Economy


It might come as a surprise, but Africa has 6 of the world’s 10 fastest growing economies to brag about. This is why it is one of the biggest market opportunities out there, which no investor should miss out on. There is a reason why foreign investment in Africa is at global highs at the moment – Europe and China keep investing in its countries. Unfortunately, this is not the case for the United States, so at the very least, they should be looking to expand their business, if not for the global economy, then for their own businesses’ sake. Even though the States are already missing out on a lot of lucrative deals, it is not too late to get in on it and reap the benefits.

Invest in Black Entrepreneurs


The current state of global politics is that everyone needs to be politically correct (PC). However, many of the world’s businessmen still choose to opt out of hiring racially diverse entrepreneurs as a consequence of fear and backwards standpoints. Furthermore, if they do hire a racially diverse business team, they do it as a form of a social obligation, rather than for their employees’ individual qualities as professionals. Luckily, however, this leaves you some wiggle room to get quality, hard-working professionals, simply because your peers and competition are too busy judging based on skin color. There is at least the same amount of quality entrepreneurs in Africa, as there is those of other races all over the world. Therefore, hire people because it is good business, not based on skin color.

Invest in Ghana

Offering a stable and democratic political environment, with minor political changes taking place, Ghana has a perfect business environment to offer, open for investment.


For starters, Ghana is currently promoting products that are originally made there. This is their government’s campaign, designed to give incentive for decreasing the need for imported goods. What you can do, as a foreign investor, is make these noble efforts work for you.


What Ghana also excels at, in comparison to most African countries, are real estate opportunities. Their real estate sector is struggling to keep up with the demand, and this is a well-known indication of business opportunities. A myriad of companies, such as MeQasa, which is a leading online real estate business, have seen a boom as of late and once you’ve made yourself aware of the demand their market is currently experiencing, you’ll wish to approach this business as a no-brainer one.

When it comes to food import, Ghana is currently importing over US$450 million in rice yearly, in addition to chicken, dairy products and meat. Business opportunities here are numerous, from rice production, through dairy processing, all the way to livestock production. Take your pick!



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