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@ Canadian Citizens and the Rest of the World =)

Dec 2nd 2010 at 7:07 AM

Dear fellow Canadian Citizens,  (@ everyone else - some words in the Buttom)

my Name is Christian (iserverz) and i am proud Webmaster of the Website - the first fully automated ANNO1777 invitation rotator.  :P

The reason why i point this article specially to you is simple , and kinda difficult at the same time. You need to know that ANNO1777 is a Browser Game , means no Downloads required or something like that, everything happens just in your Browser Window. (For more infos i refer you to my related articles)

Long Story Short: This Game, is the first Game ever, World Wide, that actually pay us for playing it. Which is the only reason i came across this awesome piece of software. I saw an ad on one of the PTC Sites i am working with.

Long Story even shorter: This Game simulates an real time economic structure, with goods, money , Taxes ... everything that belongs into a real life economy. Everything virtual. You could become a company owner , you could own a restaurant or leading a clothing factory. You also could become a military mastermind ( the war module is about to launch ) or politic.

The reason why i write once again about this game is a patriotic request, i guess.

In 2 Days (Dec. 4th) its election day, and todays president is a greedy person. to be honest i have even serious doubts that he is canadian, after all. But i might misjudge him. Its a Game. So i don't take anything to personal here, i respect every human. i base my claims entirely on his actions as our president. This would go to far now, to explain what he did. Once you signed up, feel free to discover the forum and join the discussion !


So here finally my Request:

I decided to run for president for these December elections & i am afraid to lose, because if he win again and rule this country one month longer with his destructive actions i don't see us standing a chance.

You need to understand, we need food to increase wellness .. and increased wellness results in higher attack bonus, and payouts in general. To get food we need a factory to produce it,. he invested somewhat around 700 Dollar, but we are still starving .. he offer us weapons and a lottery ticket instead. I beg you, give me a chance to introduce you and grow with us as a strong Nation.

We  ,need your Voice ! Create an free Account, and check it out. Its free to play, and the simple fact of being able to pay out Ingame profits should be reason enough to watch into it. Thats why i checked it, and thats why you should check it.

And Still, i didn't payout (10 euro) yet. but i could have, ... i still rather re-investing in a stronger canadian economy then paying out commissions.

Don't be scared, no obligations, no payments, no questions asked if you don't login anymore, i never even got any registration email or something. ALL 100% LEGIT !

The rest of the message is for everyone ..

@ ALL (not specially to canadian citizens)

This request is national because its a game, with a real time economic simulation. In 2 Days its election days and I (Krefelder) run for president and need any Voice i can get to win this election. I explained the situation and why todays president ( in ANNO1777) is not good for us.

Everyone, can join and play this awesome browser game and help YOUR countrymen m creating a strong nation. as far as i can tell, all nations are suffering a lack of active workers and citizens. Some countries are ruled by terrible greedy regimes, and without more voter there is no hope on changes.

I don't ask you for any kind of money. All i ask you for is:

Check it out, watch into it. Create a free User account, play it a bit ... maybe you like it. If not, fine .. .if you like it, you will be glad i told you, i know it ! Because i am happy  to came across this opportunity. Get paid for playing a Game is new, is innovative and maybe the future of gaming.

Lord of the Rings Online, once Paid to Play ( monthly fees ) is now for free ! And more and more Companies are joining them. People understand today that Advertisements , and the drawed attention (YOUR attention)  is a valuable asset.

i hope this article woke up some curious people here on faceplate, let me know if and where you joined ANNO1777 ! (comment section below)  Or send me a Message in the Game (Krefelder)







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Dec 3rd 2010 at 6:17 AM by iserverz
Today is the Day. Canada will vote a new (or old) president ! So exiting !

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