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Oct 9th 2015 at 7:03 AM

These lines that look like zebra crossing should not be taken for granted. They’ve pretty much revolutionized the way items are sold and purchased in the era of today. Think of barcodes as something like a tracking device they put on research wild animals to track them down. No, your product is not being “tracked down” per se, so don’t get scared, no one’s spying on you or anything. It just means that your product has been registered with the company and is covered under company’s policies. In case you face troubles, the barcode will help the helpdesk in ticketing it properly. Product barcode is like its social security number – its ultimate identification.

Barcoding goes hand-in-hand with products right from the packaging stage. Bigger businesses usually already have the barcodes ready by the time they are ready to pack, so they don’t face much problems when it comes to distribution. Small businesses that have yet to see the light of day face a bumpier road, especially because it does not dawn upon most of them to get barcodes for their products until they have reached the distributor.

To purchase barcodes, one needs to find a barcode company that guarantees its barcode acceptance at most of the places the product goes. GS1 is a company that works as the regulator and distributor of barcodes on a global scale. This is the official company where you are supposed to go to get your barcodes in case you already haven’t. GS1 will then generate a unique number for all your products and then translate it into an image that we see on packaging – yes, the zebra crossing. Although GS1 is the official company that has been authorized to generate and distribute barcodes, nowadays there are other secondary sellers that do this. These companies don’t “generate” barcodes, they only acquire the previously owned ones that haven’t been used and are unique all the same. To buy a barcode, you don’t need to approach GS1, you can go to these resellers and get some issued for your products. It’s that simple. This is particularly helpful for the small scale businesses that have just taken off and don’t know much about the market.

GS1 divisions are present in every country that has products to sell. They provide all the standardized forms of barcodes to the buyers. However, the barcode “resellers” can be seen online with a widespread presence and increasing popularity given the continuous increase in entrepreneurship. There is another mode which resellers use to sell auxiliary barcode services. They use ISBN codes for book and ISSN codes for magazines.

After you have the barcodes in your hand, you need to somehow attach them to your products you wish to sell. You can either use some technology to append them to the packaging or get the codes printed onto a sticker so that it can be directly stuck on to the product in case packaging is not required. Once it is stuck on your product, when you’re checking out of a supermarket, the cashier will scan the code with a scanner and process the billing.

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Dave Hawkins is an expert when it comes to new age barcode technology. He also likes to write many interesting articles and blogs on the topic, helping people understand the basics of these systems and adapt them in their business/professional life. For barcode registration and other information, he recommends as the most trustworthy website.

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