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Business : Helping Others Towards Online Success by showing them HOW I use things I AM A MEMBER OF and/or FIND USEFUL in my business!

Leader of Hip Hop Helpers - We are hip (cool friends), can hop (keep active) and help others! We are becoming Cyber Turtles!

Owner/Developer of AquaticTraffic and GhostRiderTE which will both be training programs for using marketing tools online.

General :

Horses and Music (anything with a great beat or meaningful words for me)

Reading and Wild Things (stormy seas or wind, untamed forests, Nature and her creatures in the wild)

Gods :

Zeus (grandfather, wisdom and lore, sky, sun, energy, karma and time)
Neptune (father, support, sea, tides, defense, direction and rhythms)
Thor/Holly Lord (brother, protection, land, stability, family, tribe, flora and fauna of wild places, also known as the Green Man)

Goddesses :

Isis (aunt, grandmother, educator, protection of innocence, sky, moon, cycles and change)
Demeter (mother, nurturing, earth, growth and harvests)
Diana (sister, huntress and protector of the earth\'s creatures)

Mystic Creatures :

Dragons (lizard cousin, truth, treasure keeper, potential)
Elementals :
Spirit (guidance from the dark of despair into the light of understanding our purpose)
Air (attitude and planning)
Fire (action, desire and motivation)
Water (determination and persistence)
Earth (achievement and manifestation)

Unicorns and winged horses

Hobbies (things I enjoy doing) :

Being an Author (fiction; help files; how-to ebooks, manuals and messages for email training series)

Creating splashes and websites with CSS and HTML

My Spiritual Power Animals :
(see Articles for more info)

Horse - Extender of Dreams (freedom)

Bear/Tiger - Protectress (defense)

Owl - Teacher (learning, knowledge and wisdom)

Cat - Adapter (flexibility)

Badger - Story-Keeper (beliefs and values)

Wolf/Jaguar - The Rebel (independence)

Whale - Wanderer (action and movement)

Crow - Recycler (way-shower)

Dolphin - Spiritual Seeker (conscious choice)

Raven - Creator (imagination and majik-user)

Spider - Weaver (brings raw material together to create something unique)

Turtle - Nurturer (foundation and stability)

Hawk - Provider (hunter/gatherer)

Otter - The Joker (playfulness and relaxation)

Soroya Ravencrest | yhbecpublisher
Snow Shoe Traffic now has Team Surfing,

Brand05 - My Spiritual Power Animals

Aug 27th 2010 at 4:03 AM

This article is a work in progress...

When I first wrote this for my Interests section I did not include the dolphin as I did not know what part they played in my life. I see them as a free spirit enjoying their lives as social animals in the Flow of Life.

There have recently been some discussions in the groups section here at IMFP that got me thinking about the difference between religion and spirituality.

I see religion as having a set of rules to follow (doctrine) that many who say "I am a...(insert any religion here)" but don't always practice what they preach. Others call this "talking your walk" instead of Walking YOUR Talk.

Dolphin - Spiritual Seeker (conscious choice)

Recently I joined Aquatic World Hits, a manual traffic exchange as it is similar to my domain and wanted to see what they offered and if the program would complement mine and help us both.

It's themed beautifully with the name and regular emails give us little fact finding missions to win bonuses. One was about the tv series Flipper.

During my research I discovered that the original dolphin Suzy, who played Flipper chose to stop breathing and die rather than live the way she was at the time.

Reading Ric O'Barry's (her trainer's) account of holding her in his arms while it happened brought tears to my eyes and still does at the thought.

I choose now to make a conscious choice to empower and uplift people in what they want to BE in honor of Suzy. No dolphin should feel that way!

Horse - Extender of Dreams (freedom)

Bear/Tiger - Protectress (defense)

Owl - Teacher (learning, knowledge and wisdom)

Cat - Adapter (flexibility)

Badger - Story-Keeper (beliefs and values)

Wolf/Jaguar - Wanderer (independance)

Crow - Recycler (way-shower)


Hawk (hunter)

Raven (magic-user)

Otter (play)

Turtle (stability)

Whale (movement)

I sea thoughts and dreams and write or draw what I feel in color or sound.

bEING on a quiet beach with a storm raging and rain pouring over my body energizes me!

my EyE finds Peace when it rests on the Beauty of Nature.

I built my Staircase to Heaven and ALL is Right in my World!

eye now Spill that Beauty intO Your Worlds.....

Please to comment
Apr 23rd 2011 at 1:26 AM by TimRR
real good
Oct 23rd 2010 at 6:28 AM by marydent
Brought tears to my eyes too : (

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