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Born to be Guys

Jul 26th 2015 at 4:36 PM

Being a guy is very difficult. In making a family, you are going to stand for your own. You have to support your family’s needs. You have big responsibility to your family. You are the one who must be the tough, brave and diligent in the society.

Guys are meant to be the one who will take the action to have a girlfriend. He is going to court the girl and send her gifts like chocolates and flowers. Another thing that a guy can do to win a woman’s heart is to turn her on.

There is a famous on the internet that can help you turn on the girl of your life. It is the pandora's box system by Vin Dicarlo. It has three questions to can make a girl turn on.


Tis product has eleven videos with different topics that can help you with your girl. The first video contains the topic about the myth and introduction. The second video is all about the redefining the goal where the goals are well explained. The third video has the topic of difference between men and women. This video tells you the specific stand of men and women. The fourth video tells about the vital information that you have to learn. The fifth video is all about the three great conflicts of the female mind. The sixth video is the time line which includes the test versus invest. And the seventh video is about the sex line which includes deny versus justify. The eighth video includes the relationship line that includes realist versus idealist. The ninth video has the topic of mind reading wherein you can determine her type and the eleventh video consist of the ultimate strategy guide. This part is no video but it has PDF file that has seventy-four pages from the beginning until to the end.


In this product, there is 7 fast action bonuses which includes:

  • Facebook Famous
  • Speed Mindreading
  • Text Message Teleportation
  • Bon Apetit
  • Movie Magic
  • F-Buddy Formula

The Three Questions

Time Line

Conflict with time is one of the girls have. You, as a guy, will need to find ways to deal with your girl’s time. There is Invest and Test type of girl.

Sex Line

There is always a pleasure for the girls when it comes to sex. The consequences of this is that a girl can be pregnant and also can be called as slut. There is Deny and Justify type of girl.

Relationship Line

This factor is pertaining to the mindset of the woman in motherhood. There is realist wherein the girl knows that she will be independent and will work to help her husband and the other girl which is idealist that thinks that she will stay at home and take good care for her children.

Personality type is also included in this product. This section can help you to know the personality type of your girl and from that you can adjust yourself to win her heart.

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