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Blister Packs And Plastic Product Packaging –The Many Benefits

Mar 29th 2016 at 11:10 PM

When you consider the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry, plastic packaging and blister containers have played a special role in storage of distribution of products for many years now. In fact, blister packs are now such an integral part of this manufacturing segment that it is almost impossible to envision tablets and pills without them. The practice of packing unit doses of medicine in blister packaging format has been around for quite some time now, with obvious benefits to enjoy for all parties involved – the manufacturer of medicines, the doctor prescribing them as well as the consumer using them. Let us examine them all.

For the Manufacturer

• Blister packs are easy to manufacture and handle

• This format of packaging is economical as well for the manufacturer.

• It is sturdy enough to provide adequate protection to the contents inside.

• It allows consumers to actually see the product stored (owing to transparent casing) which acts as an added marketing advantage.

• It offers ample space for printing and labeling functions, so that the manufacturer can easily include product information, statutory warnings as well as marketing messages into the product packaging.

• Easy transportation and storage are an added benefit.

• The process of manufacturing these packs, either through thermoforming or cold forming, accentuates the compliance and requirements of the industry standards, both for the products and the packages

For the doctor/medical practitioner

• A blister pack contains medication in unit doses, ensuring that the patient taking them doesn’t over consume any drug.

• The packaging is strong and durable, thereby preserving the integrity of the contents inside.

• It also offers ample information to the consumer about the actual drug that he/she is taking, avoiding any chances of potential mix up and accidental overdosing.

For the Consumer

• Blister packs are convenient and easy to use

• The packaging lets the patients know more about the products

• In every place, either in the facility, pharmacy or even at the hospital, it gets rid of problems arising out of space and storage

• The blister pack is child resistant as well as user-friendly for the elders.

• These packs are usually transparent from the top side, allowing users to get a good idea of the condition of contents inside. In case, they see any damage to the medicine stored, it can be effectively replaced then and there.

• This packaging is extremely user friendly, allowing for easy extraction of the product without much strife or storage hassle.

• A blister card is usually sturdy enough to protect the contents inside from physical and chemical damage to a reasonable degree, thereby preventing any issues arising in the product as a result from household accidents/ improper handling.

All in all, blister packaging is a format that is here to stay, providing a win-win situation for all parties involved. There are many product packaging companies that can offer viable solutions to manufacturers for the storage and distribution of their merchandise. You can easily get in touch with them over the web.

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Megan Jones is an expert in modern industrial packaging systems who also loves to write many interesting articles and blogs, helping businesses in making the best choices for their manufactured products. She recommends as the number one name to trust if you are looking for plastic packaging manufacturers in the US.

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