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Biometric Scanners – What Makes Them Different

Feb 3rd 2015 at 5:28 AM

Modern day security systems have come a long way from where we had once began. Humans have always been possessive about their possessions and we have always sought to protect what we own from unscrupulous users and thieves. From lighting a protection fire to shoving rocks in front of a cave to burying treasures in the earth, our security measures kept on changing with every passing eon. Then came the times of locks and safes whereby we sought to protect our belongings by keeping them inside a safe and enclosed space. This system is in fact still prevalent today, albeit the security measures in use to protect the belongings have changed considerably. But a new asset has now come to the fore that is even more potent with power and even more coveted by unscrupulous users – information.

The ways to protect information are many, but one of the best methods to do so happens to be a biometric scanner. These scanners come attached with almost every device these days where people tend to keep their private and sensitive information – everything from their smartphones, computers to car keys. In fact, these systems can even be found as a major security checkpoint in buildings and areas where authenticating your identity is an important factor. But before we discuss biometric access control systems, let us understand what exactly do security systems entail.

Generally, all identity authentication systems, whether biometric or otherwise, tend to analyze users and authorizse access on the basis of any of these three factors.

• What you have
• What you know, and
• Who you are.

The ‘What you have’ security systems generally require users to present a token or access card of some kind to establish their identity and authorization to move forward with a particular task. These systems are most prevalent in workplaces where your ID card is the first point of authentication to get access to the place. The ‘What you know’ security systems are password driven that allow you to access information and perform transactions on the basis of whether or not you are aware of the set password.

The third kind is the strongest of them all –authorizing access on the basis of ‘Who you are’. You see, the first two security checkpoints can be easily fooled to grant access – key cards can be stolen, pass words can be guessed and so on. But your identity, when based on biometrics cannot be replicated, making it a fool proof marker that you truly are the authorized person who should be allowed to access the secured data/device/place.

Biometric identification makes use of a host of different factors to determine whether or not you truly are who you are claiming to be. It can be your fingerprints, retinal scans, voice patterns – anything to everything that can categorically establish your identity above all possible doubts.

Biometric access control solutions are the way to go if you want unquestionable access security for your assets. Visit to learn more.

About the Author

Benson Hedge is a pioneer in the field of biometric authentication and runs his own organization manufacturing security systems relating to this technology. He also likes to spread awareness about the many aspects related to the industry through the many informative articles he writes.

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