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Benefits of Aluminium Extrusion for Manufacturers in India

Dec 7th 2014 at 9:55 PM

Aluminium is one of the most widely used metals around and is found in the form of bauxite, an ore, in the Earth’s crust. From high-flying airplanes to kitchen utensils, aluminium is used to make a variety of products. It is light in weight as compared to some other metals, and offers very good conduction properties.

Advantages of Aluminium Extrusion

Aluminium manufacturers in India use extrusion because this process offers many advantages such as:

· The fabrication process is economical as machines can be replaced by a single process

· Extrusion dies cost less

· Since aluminium is durable, it can be used without protective coating for some applications

· By using extrusion, designs can be simplified

Aluminium Extrusion Process Used By Manufactures In India

In India, aluminium manufacturers used certain extrusion techniques for obtaining aluminium. Generally Bayer’s method is used, followed by Wohler’s method and the Hall Heroult process. The metal is mined from the earth’s crust and turned into liquid form, after which it is hardened to give the desired shape.

By shaping, the metal is given solid form and its dimensions can be altered by using the following processes- rolling, drawing, forging, spinning and piercing.

Aluminium extrusion manufacturers in India using two working processes- hot working and cold working.

In the hot working method, the billet is heated to a temperature of around 175 degree Fahrenheit, which is the crystallization temperature of aluminium. This is done because at this temperature, it becomes easier to give the desired shape since the metal gets distorted and new grains are formed on it.

Why Hot Extrusion of Aluminium Is Preferred

Hot extrusion is preferred simply due to the fact that it becomes easier to extract malleable metal as compared to cold, hard metal. In heated state, the malleability of metals increase, which is true for not only aluminium, but for other metals as well, like copper, nickel, etc.

A special horizontal hydraulic press is used in the hot extrusion process. The capacity of this hydraulic press can range from 2000 to 8000 tonnes, while the temperatures can go as high as 450 degree Celsius.

Direct, Indirect and Tube Extrusion

There is a direct extrusion process where a ram and a cylinder are used for digging out the metal from the die. On the other hand, indirect extrusion involves passing the extruded part through a hollow ram under pressure. In tube extrusion, shape is given to the insides of the tube with the help of a mandrel.

About the Author…

Metenere Ltd Manufactures the Tin, Lead, and Aluminum Ingot Alloy in India. They are the best quality suppliers of Aluminum sheets, rods, foils in Japan, Korea.


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