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May 10th 2011 at 9:46 PM

Suddenly not interested in reading this article? Then -

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Do you or your kids, play video games on Nintendo 64 PS1 PS2 PS3 or XBox?

And get to certain stages in the game and get really stuck trying to pass a level?

So what do you do?

I bet like most, you go online to check out the game's walkthrough posted by some young teen video game addict? Only to find the walkthrough isn't properly explained or detailed in accordance with the situation your facing within the game?

I was currently playing a video game on my daughter's XBox, when I came across a level I just couldn't pass! I spent at least 8 hours one night trying my darndest to pass, but failed horrendously! So I finally went online to the various walkthroughs, until I thought I'd found the best one that would get me through!

Great, but no cigar!

It was completely wrong, because it didn't detail exactly how I could pass the level, moving on to the next! Grrr! I was so frustrated!! So I tried numerous ingenious ways to try to pass that annoying level, but again, failed miserably! Like kicking the blue barrels around and trying to scale them to get to the roof where the C4 was!! No good, as the barrels are always unstable,and wobbly! You can fly down the cable and after a count of 7, land on the protuding broken tower atop of the container. But,the barbed wire stops you from jumping over it.

Do you notice, videos games with levels you just can't pass, can make you a highly grumpy camper? Grrrr!

It's even worse when you play for hours, and then your 6 year old comes along and passes it in 5 seconds flat! Grrrr! Double Grrr!

I jump up and down like Mr Bean in "Mr Bean's Holiday"!

Well here's help with any game you may play on the above consoles ( PS1 PS2 XBox).

Let's start with that annoying game I was playing on XBox! Far Cry: instincts!

In this article I'm only going to deal with the problem point I came up against:

You come from the Dead swamp forest, after facing those horrid screaming,explosive "uglies"...

You approach a Factory complex and you need to get the C4 explosives, to blow up a communication tower.You can leap over using the wooden ramp on the fence, but I suggest you sneak around the right side,and slowly walk up the broken tower on the fence. You may hear 2 guards say "What the Hell was that? Maybe it was a bird or something!" or "Did you hear that?"

Trouble is you have to leap about 5 feet across to a neighboring building, to grab it! And it will seem impossible, believe me! Here's the solution: Run around until the adrenaline icon comes up in your indicator.The sign that you are running on Adrenaline, is when you suddenly run hyper-speed, seemingly out of control! And your character breathes extremely heavy, as if out of breath. Quickly go into the open building, which has a health pack ,a dead guard or blood,by a ladder in the right of the room,and a dead guard sitting up,on the ground.Climb up and then push and hold the 'A' button on your XBox controller, and you'll fly across the roof to the opposite and jump down the hole.

As soon as you land, you'll get the C4 explosives,and the wall on the opposite side will explode, and 2 "uglies" will start shooting at you from outside! Kill them, and any other threats,and then go across to the building with the 2 ladders by the security fence,and damaged gas tanks, climb up, place the C4 and get clear of the explosion. Or you'll die and have to restart the stage. Once done, go back to the building where the C4 was,run down the right side of it, and then run out through the hole in the fence to the next scene.

Ever played ShadowMan on N64, or PS1? It's a wicked game, but extremely hard at times! "How to" coming soon! Or any other game and had troubles? Let me know here!

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