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Almost Persuaded But Deceived By Virtual Reality

Oct 15th 2010 at 5:30 PM


Join me as we do a drill down of several words to get a proper understanding of the meaning behind the words Virtual Reality.


We read in the Scripture about a certain king in the Scripture, his name Agrippa. On one occasion he said unto the Apostle Paul, "Almost thou persuadest me to be a Christian." Like king Agrippa, their are many in the valley of decision. In fact the Scripture says, "multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision." You might have found the title to this article interesting, and with good reason. When I looked up this word "Virtual" I found that it was a Greek word meaning "ALMOST". Virtual (Latin virtus; Greek ἀρετή "arete") is moral excellence. A virtue is a trait or quality deemed to be morally excellent and thus is valued as a foundation of principle and good moral being. Now lets look at the word "almost". The word "Almost" means In set theory, when dealing with sets of infinite size, the term almost ornearly is used to mean all the elements except for finitely many.


In other words, an infinite set S that is a subset of another infinite set L, is almost L if the subtracted set L\S is of finite size. Now lets look at the word "theory." To do this we will have to look at the contrast for the word "FACTS". But before we do that we will need to understand what a fact is. The word fact can refer to verified information about past or present circumstances or events which are presented as objective reality. In science, it means a provable concept. What this is saying is that a theory is not a fact it's "ALMOST" factual but it's not. In other words it misses the mark. A fact can be proven, but a theory cannot be. It's always evolving and changing. Remember what Jesus said, I am the same today, yesterday and forever." God says "I change not." So what man basis his reality on is aways changing and evolving. No certain destination. How would you like to go on a trip or vacation and the pilot speaks up over the intercom and says, we will be landing NEVER? This is basically what man is doing. Ever since Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden, man has been a vagabond with no certain destination. Remember at the beginning of this article I said Virtual meant to miss the mark? Did you know that the word Hamartiology (Greek: ἁμαρτία, hamartia, "missing the mark," "sin," + -λογια, -logia, "sayings" or "discourse") is the branch of Christian theology, more specifically, systematic theology, which is the study of sin with a view to articulating a doctrine of it. So in conclusion everyone that is living in virtual reality is living in sin. The wages of payment for sin is DEATH. Pay day is coming! The Lord says "I set before you Life and Death, choose LIFE!


Please to comment
Oct 15th 2010 at 6:45 PM by fixpcsoft
Thank you for your comment. Glad you liked it.
Oct 15th 2010 at 6:03 PM by 4SFI
"So in conclusion everyone that is living in virtual reality is living in sin, and the wages of sin is death, and there is an option in front of you life or death; choose life" When everybody is living in sin and death is penalty for sin, there is nothing to choose, the ultimate aim for all human hard work is death; according to your knowledge. But that is not the reality. Jesus became a ransom sacrifice for your sin and my sin, and with his blood he repurchased us from that sin. So whoever believes in Jesus, ( exercises faith ) has a hope for everlasting life on paradise earth. (John 3:16) Jesus resurrected for proof. In revelation second chapter it says, every tear will be wiped from their eyes, death will be no more, nor aging, nor pain. In Isiah's prophecy I read like this, no human will wake up in the morning and say I am sick. They will plant vineyards and eat from it, not some one else, they will build houses and live, not like they build and some one else occupy it later. If Bible is truth then all human has hope: upon condition 1. They should accept Jesus as his savior and exercise faith in him. Mere believing and exercising faith is different. I can believe and I know if I take treatment for cancer I can cure it or prolong my life. But mere believing will not cure, I have to take treatment. We have to live our life with Biblical standards. 2. Yes of course there is a tendency to sin, because we are imperfect. But we know what is sin. If we repent and turn around we have a hope. Nice article. I like it.

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