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All About Concertina Wire

Apr 13th 2015 at 4:31 AM

Concertina is a type of wire that features small, incredibly sharp projections on it throughout its length. It’s also referred to as razor wire because the projections, which are created from sheets of galvanized or stainless steel, are so similar to household razors. Concertina wire is produced in large coils. Other terms for concertina wire include razor ribbon, helical, and security barbed tape.

People and institutions across the globe use concertina to build secure barriers. Prisons line the tops of their fences with expanded spirals of it to keep inmates from escaping. Farmers and ranchers commonly use it to contain their animals in a designated area. You’ll also find it used at military and other highly secured facilities as a barrier to prevent outsiders from intruding. Private citizens have been known to use concertina wire to protect their homes and gardens from human and animal trespassers. If you’re considering installing it around your home or garden, check with your city or county first—some areas regulate the use of razor wire on private property.

Concertina wire is similar to barbed wire, but it’s decidedly more extreme. If you try to pass through a barbed wire barrier, you will end up with some cuts and scratches. If you try to get through razor wire, your cuts will be much deeper—to the point of being gravely dangerous for your health and even your life. If you’re serious about gardening and have a regular problem with deer, rabbits, or other pests eating up all the fruits of your labor, concertina wire can serve as a serious deterrent, whereas barbed wire will be a mere nuisance to the four-legged, unwanted guests.

The razor-sharp edges on concertina wire make it dangerous to handle, so having it professionally installed is highly recommended. Ask your local fencing company about installation options when you purchase the wire. If you insist on installing it yourself, make sure you wear clothes made of tough material that will protect your skin from getting sliced.

A standard roll of concertina wire is 18 inches in diameter and 50 feet long. Keep in mind that, while the coil is stretched and separated for installation, it won’t be pulled tight, so a 50-foot coil will only cover about 30 to 35 feet of a perimeter. You can purchase razor wire from your local fencing supplier for approximately $30-$45 per roll. Wire made with stainless steel tends to fall on the more expensive side of that range, but it tends to last longer and resist rust.

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