Advantages of Using Mediation Law over Civil Litigation in Singapore

Feb 9th 2015 at 11:58 PM

Mediation laws have been provided to citizens who can use them to resolve certain types of disputes. The process of mediation becomes an option when two or more quarrelling parties are not able to resolve their differences by themselves. In such cases there is a need of a process and a third person who can get involved and help them find common ground. Many times a dispute may arise due to miscommunication between the disputing sides. This miscommunication can be negated by the use of mediation laws in Singapore.

Mediation over Civil Litigation

Court cases can be complex and can last for a long period of time. They are also costly in nature and involve a number of procedures and rules. This is where mediation proves to be so valuable. Mediation focuses on the redressal of issues that are the root cause of conflict. There are many reasons why a dispute can arise between two sides:

· Lack of clear communication

· Difference of opinion and understanding of certain ideas

· Emotional causes

· External factors which are not within control of either side

· Different interpretation of clauses in a contract

Advantages of Mediation and Mediation Laws in Singapore

· Mediation encourages exchange of information, opinions and ideas between sides in a controlled and civil environment

· Mediation makes it possible for each side to explain their view in a detailed and fair manner

· Mediation promotes understanding between the involves sides

· Mediation helps in expressing emotions and allowing sides to make decisions in a composed manner after giving proper thoughts

· A mediator can explain to each side where they stand as per law with regards to their own view points and helps them assess their situation better.

Privacy and Confidentiality

The mediation process is not only a voluntary process but can also be a private affair where only the disputing sides along with the mediator are involved. Mediation laws in Singapore also have provisions which make mediation a confidential process. This means that the parties can agree to not disclose any information that might be revealed during the mediation process outside for all intents and purposes. However, the information can be used by a side with the consent of all sides involved.

Mediation Process and Mediation Laws in Singapore

Mediation can help solve many types of issues and disputes ranging from corporate and business affairs to family law and divorce. Mediation has proved to be an effective process that can save time and money for the sides involved. The outcome of mediation is not binding to either side unless it is converted to a legal document and the parties are free to seek assistance of courts if they remain unsatisfied with the mediation process.

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