Adopt an international way of thinking to break into new markets

Jun 28th 2015 at 10:03 PM

With increased international communication, the world of business needs to acknowledge that there is increased need to shift their thinking to be more international and intercultural. There is no place in today’s business world for conflicting cultural values. In order to be competitive in business, you need to make a good first impression. Your first time could be when you are sending a product brochure or an introductory video about your business. If you send your material in a language that your recipients do not understand, they will simply press delete and you will have lost a perfect opportunity to a competitor.

This international way of thinking should not just stop with the top managers in your business or critical employees who negotiate deals. Every employee in your business should embrace intercultural communication in their day to day operations. You can no longer afford to say that you cannot break into new markets because you don’t speak the official language in that market. With existing translation services like German translation in Liverpool, you can simply get all your material translated from one language to another which will make it adaptable in many markets.

Embracing inter-culturalism will open new horizons for you and your business both at a personal and a professional level. On a personal level, your foreign business contacts will see you as an amiable person who even though you cannot communicate in their language, still takes the effort to communicate through other means. You will appear driven and not easily stopped by challenges such as language barriers. Being perceived as having such personal traits will also translate into more business interactions. Your business will start experiencing more growth and profitability and you will see changes such as more sales, successful negotiation of contracts, and partners from foreign regions willing to form long-term partnerships. With such growth also comes employee satisfaction because they will feel that their efforts are contributing to the growth of something important.

Becoming an international thinker and taking advantage of international opportunities is not difficult. Unlike in the 1980s and 90s where you had to learn every main language on earth in order to succeed outside your country, the world is so much more connected now, thanks to advancements in computer technology. The internet has made everything so efficient that even translation services such as French translation in Liverpool can be accessed from the comfort of your desk at home. Technology has also made it easier for wider acceptance of products and services. We now know that the same brand of cereal that kids in one culture enjoy can be exported to a country with a different culture and it will be enjoyed just the same. This, incidentally, is the same for every product and service. If you don’t embrace internationalism, your competitors will pounce on the opportunity and capture new markets before you.

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