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Active Safety Utah: Providing Required Safety in the Workplace

Dec 12th 2015 at 12:16 PM

Active Safety Utah is a business that is focused on saving lives. They provide both commercial and residential building architects with essential photoluminescent signage systems. These systems could be detrimental in the event of an emergency. They could mean the difference in life and death. Occupants of the building need to know the route to take during an emergency, and Active Safety Utah helps ensure that route is seen.

It’s not just Utah, Exit signs are integrated into building codes internationally. In America, The Occupational Health and Safety Administration is agency of the United States Labor Department. It is OSHA’s mission to ensure that working men and women are provided with safe and healthful working conditions. They do this by setting and enforcing standards that the workplace must follow.

OSHA has written specific regulations surrounding safety in the workplace. More specifically, they have specific regulations regarding the implementation of exit routes. They require that an exit route is a permanent part of every workplace. The exit route must consist of a clear and unobstructed path from the workplace to an area of safety. Most cases require that each employee have access to at least two exit routes. This is so that if one is unable to be used for some reason, they have an alternate route they can take. Larger facilities may require more than two exit routes, and exceptionally small facilities may get by with just one. The goal is to make sure everyone can safely exit the building in case of an emergency.

In recent years, OSHA has begun paying more attention to exit route compliance measures. This is due to workplace fires that occurred in other countries and killed many workers because they could not safely escape the building. Specifically, OSHA’s director of enforcement programs directed attention to an incident in China that made the news. A fire and then an explosion occurred at a poultry processing plant located in China. Over one hundred workers lost their lives in this accident because they could not exit the building. Exits were either locked or obstructed; but either way they were inaccessible.

OSHA issues citations for failure to comply with clearly marked and unobstructed exit route regulations. Typically, these citations are an easy fix. What happens when a business decides to ignore the regulations? The Home Goods retail chain decided to try this route. After repeatedly refusing to comply with exit route regulations, they were fined a total of $200,000 in 2010. At a Home Goods store in New York, OSHA inspectors found that the exit routes were blocked by both merchandise and equipment. They also found that exit signs were missing. Exit signs are required, and the price for not implementing them can be massive.

Active Safety Utah creates their signs with the goal of saving lives. They want to help ensure that every single person in every single place has a clearly identified exit. Their signs are both creative and essential to safety. If saving the lives of your employees is not enough motivation to take a look at exit signs, then the OSHA regulations should be. Active Safety Utah provides quality exit signs that will not only save lives but will allow your business to comply with OSHA regulations.

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