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About the ghost who talks

May 4th 2011 at 9:15 AM

Welcome to the unique IM Faceplater, who dares to write, revealing all about the lies and deceptions being spoon-fed us like clockwork on a daily basis, often by force, in our world today. And how to overcome them and come out on top.

I provide the facts, striving hard to give you the most accurate,and reliable facts about various subjects, backed up by links to the sources. You only need to distinguish in your own mind, what IS fact for you and what you choose to accept and believe.

To put it extremely bluntly, this is basically, - an "in your face" - no fluff,hype or BS - 'telling of how it really is' - faceplate. Being a Martial Artist - I don't pull my punches. And I don't hold nothing back.

I want to advise anyone who'll simply take the time to listen, on some very important matters, as I have experienced them. I can't believe many others out there knowing it to be fact, tend to be walking around with their minds closed to it, as if dumbed zombies. Many see the facts, but are so conditioned they pretend it's all garbage, denying the unadmissable facts presented them,and continue doing the erroneous. Because they are "programmed" to think and believe all as " gospel ". By the various medians created by certain parties who cunningly design these mind dumbing "conditioning" programs.

"Those in whom we put our trust, are selling us down the river."

You may have come to the realization, in checking out my profile etc, I haven't given my full name, and real e-mail address. (Even though  I've discovered  most sites you submit to online,you can't post anonymously, because trackers and cookies must be installed or be able to be work undetected.This being so certain parties can see your real IP address and details. And some Web Proxies are not allowed,not liked, which in turn,prevents one from entering into a site). You'd be right. (Very observant, very clever of you, dear reader). I desire to remain anonymous as some of my rantings, will be too much for those conditioned who think they are 1001% right, and live in a illusion that they are masters of the universe, endowed with special gifts and all truth. They'd feel it their God-given duty to dish out recompense! So I did one better, and used my friend's computer!

These sorts can never ever be convinced their ways are not true, no matter how hard you strive to convince them of their errors, as they are so blinded by their "puppeteers", there's just no hope for them. Sad, but very true.

"Don't throw your pearls to swine, least they tread on them and crush them."

So what lead me to create this Faceplate? Good question. A good friend of mine, after reading many of his articles here, actually inspired me. He was the one that helped me to wake up out of my mindless slumber, and fully realize, I was being duped in nearly, no; I'll rephrase that, in everything I was told,thought,read,bought,wore,ate,did,believed,and practiced!

Don't you want to have the freedom to be able to think outside the square? To become truly independant, non-dependant on State or government handouts, welfare,food grants,the boring 9-5, etc, finally breaking free from the "deferred" lifestyle? And truly becoming successful,financially secure,have no money worries etc? Realizing you are being duped and spoonfed BS, in that mindless trance you call  "your life"?

Fact:Your life is not your own! It's true! Somewhere out there,someone else out there,is dictating your life and how you should live it. According to their dictate.

"Aaah! Crap! Bollocks!" I hear you say! No my friend it is true! Look at what happened to the little guy in the US,(as seen on that Michael Moore doco) he was duped by the corporate bankers, Golden Sachs, to increase their mortgage, by taking out another mortgage on their mortgage. They did, the value didn't go up as promised,but the premium the little guy had to pay to the bank, went up and up and up and up. Forcing the now poor as owner, to sell it to the bank for diddley. They were literally, forced out of their homes by being suckered, given a bum deal! By their fellow Americans! Some of those homes were in their families for generations! And who suggested they do all with the banks? The person we trusted the most! George W.Bush!

NOW we all know what that name stands for right?

B -ULL-SH@&$%#!

More to co me...

Learn this  well and never forget it...

"The story of YOUR life is written by YOU. YOU are the author.There is NO reason therefore,for you to view the drama and be trapped by it.The power to change (becoming truly unique and free:added) your own condition is your own. YOU only have to exercise it." Seth. excerpt from the book, Seth speaks.









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Sep 22nd 2012 at 3:16 AM by theghostwhotalks
Thanks Siamak for your great comment!Yeah I really care what happens to me and others.Recently teamed up with HJWonline and the new V,on a helping people mission,free of charge,no fluff no hype no B S! One person in a chat site,called one of us a "kiss-ass", but didn't have any clue,we had struck a "We'll promote you 1000% free,we don't want and are not after your money" deal with an up and coming musician,an hour before!So we forgave them on their lewd comment!
May 9th 2012 at 5:11 AM by Siamak
May 9th 2012 at 5:10 AM by Siamak
Good thing there are still people who care about what they are treated as
May 4th 2011 at 7:57 PM by theghostwhotalks
Thanks Dan Reed,for your great comment! Rants they are rants they be.I have been a prisoner of conditioning since 6,and still go through it today via many organizations claiming I owe them money,my own church,cults,and living the deferred lifestyle I'm living.I was once told as a teen, by the first ever Maori(native New Zealander)non-commissioned Detective Sargeant,that I resented authority.Can anyone blame me? If you knew my childhood background you could see why! But now,in the present,I see and resent the lies being spoon-fed us as Gospel,truth,all that is,when it clearly is deceptive,a means of monetary gain.Anyways,have a great day!And thanks again!
May 4th 2011 at 12:37 PM by RollingEagle
Alright man, rant on, might as well be here, there is an audience for you and everyone else. My best to you!

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