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May 9th 2011 at 1:10 AM

This is the story of a woman , every woman  Story of A Girl , every girl , the story of a teen  Her story , each and every  Mother's narration  These are Her words spoken , and unspoken As understood by me and by my pen  written Her thoughts by me understood as an expression I am privileged for the revelation , my inspiration Which resulted as a narration by me Athrison Now listen to Her story and bestow your approbation : - " I am A Woman , The Woman , A Sthree , Prakruthi I am The Primordial Mother , Me Aadi Paraa Sakthi I am the compendium of Original Energy , The Sakthi Without me even Siva , The Purush is a Sava , inert matter Me Prakruthi  energized Purush into a Cosmic Dance of ecstatic Nature A creative force that resulted in The Universe in all It's grandeur Every non - living , living , static as well dynamic nature Beast that walks , winged one that flies , human and every creature I am That First Woman on Earth , Satharoopa , Lucy of anthropology Mother of Saptha Maathrukas , Seven Sisters  Mothers of all humans , spread all over hither and thither . Having said that much , I am now a woman , to all of you so familiar. I am a Woman through eons , times and ages , a daughter , a sister , a partner , and A Mother From being a sweet baby girl to a toothless great  grand mother  A small daughter so timid and shy , hiding behind my Mother  A Baby girl , afraid , respectful and so obedient to my father  I am so eager to learn from mother , father , teacher , and every elder Years rolled by , now I am a teen ager trained in music , arts and culture Slowly becoming an expert in all matters of culinary nature  All this in addition to formal education and excelling and a pet of my teacher. Now I am A Woman , may appear timid , but inherently bold  May seem innocent and ignorant , yet wiser for my age than any else so told  Fully equipped to be a house wife -- no no no don't use that word ,  I would like to be referred as A Home Maker of which I am proud A in-house manager , a home-made CEO , a domestic engineer , A Home Minister I am so conciliatory in nature , every one takes me for granted  That is my nature to remain in the back ground . When the parents are away from home I am ever ready to take care  Always yielding to the precedence of brothers , be younger or elder A role model to my younger sisters , who one day would be same as me  As my parents wished , I am ready to enter into a for life partnership  I know I can depend upon their judgement , so I am assured  Not worried of entering into a strange household  Strangers now may be , but one day I shall be the head . Oh how the times have gone by , Now I am A Mother and A Grand mother My teen agers , my flesh and blood think I am old fashioned  They are not aware that I am That Original Mother Carrying within me Her DNA Yet I am compassionate , so tolerant , and let them say what they wish  When they tell me they have to be able to stand on their own feet , educated and financially secure They assure that their parents can trust them and rely on their judgement  They are not in a hurry into a life partnership as yet , I stay cool , calm and remain a spectator I shall be from now only a friend and again reminded of my own childhood  Speak only when spoken to , only be a mute presence , seen not heard . Now  my parents have left me to a distant place and are my own memories All my children have grown wings and flown away to live their own lives  My grand children are strangers and when I ask them when shall I become a great grand mother  I was told grandma - times have changed , I know they have really changed probably for better At last I am all alone , full time companion of my life long time life partner  Now that he has retired , he is so obedient , a true  friend , we now knew we are made for each other  We are always at home , mutually tolerant of each other's presence , me for him , he for me  An intellectual companionship , a life long friendship through thick and thin , till death do us part . We look back with satisfaction , life well spent , mission accomplished - My Primordial Mother Any Time Now Ready To Receive Me Into HER Bosom .

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