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A Step-by-Step guide to purchasing the appropriate welding machine

Jul 12th 2015 at 2:56 AM


If you are a Do-It-Yourselfer who wants to take pride in buying the right welding machine, this is the right place for you. Before you embark on the purchase, you could do with some help. This article is dedicated to metting out practical information based on real-life examples which is sure to assist you in making a sound decision.

Since there is no specific welding process for every application, we can begin by highlighting the advantages and exact usage of each. This will show you how to choose the best welding machine:

Types of welding process & their applications

Commonly applied welding processes are the Stick, MIG and TIG. None of these work equally well for all welding purposes. MIG process works at high speeds and provides cleaner welds. It is the easiest process for a novice. Stick welding works best for windy conditions and thick or rusted materials. For more information visit Welding Helmet Review.

TIG Welding is of high quality and very precise. While TIG process works well with all welding materials, Stick and MIG are used only for steel and stainless steel.

The fresher's choice-MIG welding process

The MIG welding procedure is extremely simple to learn but entails application of maximum safety. Also, it operates very quickly ,so welding at high speeds is possible. Experienced welders are of the opinion that mastering the MIG welding process, paves the way for better success in welding later on.

This process allows better control over thin metals and offers clean welding, without the build-up of slag. MIG welding process works well for selected metals only.

The Risk-taker's Choice-Stick welder

The Stick welding process is of immense importance to welders who sweat it out in harsh weather conditions. So if you are planning to spend your welding days mostly outdoors in unfavourable, windy conditions, this welder is surely the right thing for you.

The Stick works surprisingly well in resistant metals or those that are dirty and full of rust. Its versatility may be extended to thick materials too. It works well for metals like steel and aluminium.

The Perfectionist's Choice

Flux-Cored Welding is a diversion of the MIG welding process and is best suited for welding on dirty, corrosive and rusty metals. The deep penetration method of this process allows welding on rough, uneven and thick metal sections. It also allows out-of-position welding at a quick rate.

The metal deposition rates with this process are very high and the procedure leaves a clean touch without any slag build-up. Flux-Cored Welding works optimally for all sorts of metals, like brass, copper, magnesium and aluminium alloys.

The Beauty-lover's Choice-TIG process

The TIG process uses tungsten electrodes for the production of weld. It is used mostly on thin alloy steel sections and metals like copper, aluminium and magnesium. The process gives great control to the operator and provides high quality, very precise welds.

TIG welding is very complex to employ than other welding procedures. It also allows foot control while welding and correct adjustment of input of heat.The beads used for welding are extremely aesthetic looking and work optimally.



Welders, while purchasing work apparatus should always place safety above everything else. The type of welder bought, should be suited aptly for the application, as you will be spending long hours in the work. In the future, you may need more power or amperage, so consider opportunities of expanding the usefulness of the welding machine you purchase.

Do not forget to include the cost of other accessories needed for the operation of the welder. This includes jacket, gloves, gas and helmet.

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