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A Quick Guide to Wet Rooms

Mar 11th 2020 at 1:35 AM

Wet rooms are a great choice if you love the style and practicality of this bathroom aesthetic. However, not many people actually know what is required to install their own wet room and whether it’s right for them in the long-term. We explore the major pros and cons of wet room installation in our quick guide for beginners.

When To Install A Wet Room

You can install a wet room in most properties. In its most basic sense, it is a shower room that is optimised for draining and water protection, meaning you don’t need a screen or cubicle when your shower is operating.

You might think it would be as simple as putting in a few tiles to prevent water seeping into your walls, but there’s actually a few more steps required for a fully functioning and stylish wet room installation.

Water Drainage

In order to channel the shower water into a drain, a gradient needs to be installed so that this flowing of water into the right areas takes place naturally. Otherwise you’ll have to deal with puddles of water all the time. Also, the whole room needs to be waterproofed, or tanked, so that no moisture reaches the subfloor or walls – which is a perfect way to introduce damp into your property.

Sometimes a sub floor is installed that has a natural gradient, using something like plywood, or, a larger shower base is installed to cover the whole room, with specialised sloping and draining features. Some use screed flooring options to cover the sub floor and provide a smooth surface needed for a wet room.


Your floor and the lower section of your walls will first need to be primed before you install a wet room. Also, the whole of the wall area around the shower needs to be treated with a membrane. Once this has been completed, tiling can be laid over it to create the final finishing.

To prevent water from flowing out of your bathroom door, it’s also recommended that the door threshold be slightly raised to create a barrier between your wet room and your bathroom hallway. If you’ve done your job right and the entire room is waterproofed, there’s nothing stopping your bathroom filling up like a bath if someone puts a plug or towel over your room’s drainage area!

Optional Surface Materials

Ceramic tiles are a popular choice for wet rooms, but other materials can also be used, such as vinyl. Basically, you’ll need non-porous materials that are strong and low-maintenance. Concrete can also be used to give your room a rough, luxurious finish.

If you are thinking about a concrete finish, make sure you consult with a liquid screed contractor about the installation of appropriate flooring for a wet room. Some materials like anhydrite screed will need additional drying and protection features to prevent moisture damage. Simply contact your screed supplier of floor compound in Staffordshire or wherever you are located, and let them know your basic project requirements.

Other porous materials like slate, marble and limestone might also need sealing to prevent water damage.

What about Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is actually encouraged in wet rooms. This is because it acts to warm up tiles which might be otherwise cold and also helps to dry out and evaporate any water that might be sitting on the floor surface. Again, get in touch with your supplier of liquid screed and floor compound in Staffordshire to tell them what you are planning with your project. They should be able to offer advice on liquid screed floor and UFH system installations.

Major Wet Room Advantages

  • Wet rooms are stylish and perfect for creating a minimal look
  • A wet room can easily increase the value of your home
  • They are perfect for small bathrooms that don’t need baths
  • They are generally easier to clean

Disadvantages of wet rooms

  • Wet rooms can have a habit of drenching everything in your room, including your towels and fresh clothes (make sure you also install shelves and racks for these items to protect them!)
  • Requires a professional fitter to waterproof the room

A complete fit out and tiling can be quite expensive

Liquid Screed offers reliable and professional floor screed and preparation services throughout the UK including floor compound in Staffordshire with reliable contractors and friendly customer-focused staff who are willing to assist in the delivery of their services. Liquid Screed continues to excel with attention to detail applied to every floor screed project.

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