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A New Music Experience

Sep 22nd 2012 at 3:29 AM

They're Raw! They're Fresh! And They're Here! stolen from hjwonline! (no just joking, it was forwarded!)

Musicians,Bands,the virtual unknowns...

The New Music Experience,the unique magazine (and live stream FM radio show)  brings you;the hardcore music lover,the latest, most extraordinary,reviews and news, of the freshest ever beats from amazing yet relatively unknown musicians and bands.
We @ N M E FM not only provide the best ever reviews and news via our blog and website,but also a free live streamed broadcast FM Radio show,on N M E FM.(coming soon!)

Today -N M E FM proudly presents to you (drum roll please!) -

WinT and NazTee!

I was amazingly lucky to have chatted with - and befriend - WinT James -
the Up and coming Thrash Metal Hip Hop artist on a popular chat site recently.
This young man "wholly" inspired, no, I'll rephrase that,
"drove" me to become both a local and international music reviewer,
promotional manager and live stream FM RADIO host!

(I wanted to become these things so long ago, but at that time, I didn't have BroadBand,
and the necessary knowledge, talent or skills needed to achieve my goals.)

Going to a website via a link he kindly provided,

I sat down with a cup of coffee,
and listened to his tracks.They consisted of a series of guitar riffs with drums,some vocals,
but no lyrics.At the same time,I was critiquing him,telling him with such
brutal honesty,exactly what I thought of his music!

I informed him that his music was very raw, but great,
and just needed a little  professional tweaking by an In Studio audiomixer/technician/mentor, helping him vastly improve the quality of his music!

WinT's guitar is reminescent of Steve Vai's "Surfin' with the Alien" meets megadeth, and Roger Waters from Pink Floyd's The Wall chipping in as guest background vocalist!

I was immediately reminded of all the other people I have tried to help or advise,who, as soon as I pointed out what I honestly thought, liked or dislike,what I felt would work and what wouldn't, flew into a John MacEnroe tantrum, and named me all the most foul things under the sun!

But this guy totally blew me out of this universe! He simply replied me,as calm and cool as a winter lettuce. He wrote me,"Yeah, I know my music is in need of improvement, and I am currently saving up to buy a Bass guitar! And thank you for kindly critiquing me.I am very greatful!"

Who do you know with a fantastic, nothing phases me attitude like this?

Wow! This made me realize, this guy has what it takes to get the top! He is extremely positive, a wicked guitarist,song music creator and has humourous song titles such as "Nostradumbass" because he doesn't like the guy, and "Protect Yo' McNuggets!"

He is truly determined,and wants to get somewhere with his music! So I decided to take things a step further and help this fantastic young man even further, 1000% free of charge!

Without the common fluff, tricks or B S!

WinT has been in collaberation In Studio,with other artists,such as Naztee,a hardcore hip hop gangsta rapper! NazTee's tracks are Def,Phat and Fresh! Raw yes, but excellent!

That's enough chit-chat from me!

Go here ==>

and check it out yourself, and then become a fan like I did!


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