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A Healthier Lawn For Your Home

Dec 2nd 2015 at 12:52 AM

Performed correctly, lawn care can create a thicker lawn that lasts longer. Watering, cutting, fertilization and aeration are different aspects that will create strong, healthy grass.

The appearance of a home is greatly affected by the lawn outside it. Lush, green grass presents a welcoming environment, while yellow, patchy grass makes the area look old and run down. Caring for the lawn is a continuous project that requires specific knowledge and tools to get the right results. Professional landscapers take many things into consideration when treating different lawns.

The health of the grass is one of the most important aspects of lawn care. How the grass is watered, when the fertilizer is applied and what tools are used to cut it can affect the outcome. Deep watering is crucial for a healthy lawn. This entails using up to two inches of water every three to four days rather than daily sporadic watering. This will allow the roots to grow deeper into the soil. Root development is also aided through the use of fertilizers which are best applied in the early spring.

Cutting the grass can also be optimized to encourage thick lawn growth. Keeping sharp blades on whatever type of mower is used will cause less structural damage to the grass, allowing it to remain healthy. The height at which the grass is cut is also a factor. Cutting the grass too short will ruin its ability to resist weed infestations and short grass has less chlorophyll which is needed for energy. Cutting only the top one third of grass is a good measure to use for any lawn. Leaving the grass clippings over the lawn is also beneficial as it will provide extra nitrogen that the growing grass will need.

Aeration is another component of lawn care that will drastically improve the health of the grass. Aeration takes out small chunks of the soil which enables the roots to breathe. This technique allows the roots to be less compacted and as such, they will process a larger amount of oxygen and water. Even fertilizer and weed killers will have improved performance through aeration.

Ideally a lawn will be healthy and thick enough to prevent weeds from growing. If, however, weeds do begin to sprout, they will need to be handled quickly so that their roots don’t get deeper. Dealing with weeds takes a careful eye and a knowledgeable approach. There are many different variants of weeds and each one may need a unique chemical to remove. To learn more about thorough lawn care from a professional landscaper in Wilmington, click this link.

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As a long time arborist and landscaper, Mark is dedicated to educating people about the joy that comes from property with healthy, trees and plants. You can find his thoughts at

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