A Guide to Teaching Approach to be Followed for Students having Hearing Disability

Oct 1st 2015 at 4:24 AM

It is of utmost importance that kids are taught the way they feel comfortable. Teachers have be extremely flexible in their teaching methods and know which style suits which student in order to make them understand the concept even better. This is why educational consultants such as David Ostrer play a significant role. His main objective is to create a health educational environment that would assist these young learners in their learning process and also to assist parents to make appropriate decisions concerning their kid’s learning requirements

David Ostrer also teaches K-8 pupils mathematics and also helps them to read, write and develop them better in the field of basic education. He is self-employed for many years and comprises of numerous key skills such as classroom management, editing, leadership management, teaching, educational technology, curriculum design and development and also educational leadership. Plus he also assists kids who need some special attention by consulting their schools and families.

He has also written numerous blogs with his experience and know-hows concerning several teaching strategies. He holds the point that every student is special and that sticking to one teaching mechanism won’t simple cut it. The teachers in charge of enlightening these kids must cater to flexible modes in order to make every single student perform to the best of his abilities.

The important tips which he gives out for teaching kids with hearing disability:

Total communication;

This is a culmination of auditory and visual communication and is used for providing instructions. Some of the popular sign languages include signed English, usage of signs and speech together and also cued speech. Also he states that it of utmost importance that the child faces to the person they are communicating and also to give context and repletion if needed.

Certain adjustments in classrooms:

He says that making some minor adjustments inside the classroom can play a huge impact on young learners having hearing disorders. Like for example, swapping students from background noise creating modes namely air-conditions devices, projectors and fans can assist students who are using hearing aids, to be more attentive in class. However he also states that the over usage of hearing aids should always be avoided as it can cause some serious ear complications and also lead to deafness.

Visual accommodation:

He further states that since a student has hearing problems and mainly is dependent on their eye-sight, it is the role of the teacher to employ flexible methods not just in the classroom sessions but also during the curriculum activities. Giving students homework and exercise which is heavy on visual communication can really facilitate learning and allow them to take more interest in their school work.


Apart from spreading his know-hows via his blogs, David Ostrer also talks with numerous teachers, especially those who have very less or no experience at all regarding teaching students with hearing disability. He is a real inspiration for us all and there are lots of educational aspects he focuses on spreading awareness in the sector.

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