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A Guide to Guitar Pedals and Effect Units

Feb 6th 2020 at 4:08 AM

If you are starting with the electronic guitar then this blog is especially for you. Here you will find the tips for a number of new Guitar Effect Units and Pedals.

If you are a beginner then you must know these things about Guitar Preamp Pedals. When I started with Guitar, I did not know these things and therefore started messing around with Guitar Effect Pedals.

  • There is no power supply in pedals

You should know that Pedals don't have any power supply, you will find it in some of the pedals but most don’t. So, if you are buying the pedal for the first time make sure to also purchase a 9 volt power supply with it. 9 volt supply will work in most of the pedals.

  • You need an extra cable

Make sure to buy an extra cable or a patch cable to connect pedals together as Pedals don’t come with a cable. Patch cables are L-shaped cables at the head so that it can easily get fitted between two effects.

  • Stepping on a Pedal is not the same as it looks

If you are thinking that stepping on a paddle is easy then you delete this thinking from your mind because when you will try this for the first time this will become tricky for you. You need to do a lot of practice so that you can use your foot in time with hands.

  • Order of your Pedals

You know that Guitar pedals are placed between the amp and the guitar and how the signals travel? It is from the guitar, then pedals and then to the amp. If you are having multiple pedals then the signal is being processed multiple times, for this the order of your pedals always matters. Set your distortion and drive pedals according to your modulation pedals like frangle, echo, chorus, etc. Make sure to experiment with the order of your pedal and note the differences. As there are no rules, you can freely do this.


An effect unit or effect pedal is an electronic device that can change or modulate the sound of a musical instrument.

While you are selecting a Guitar Pedal must consider the following factors as all the pedals don’t come at a cheap cost. You might have to spend a huge amount of money on buying some pedals.

So, before you buy the pedals check out these factors -

  • Quantity

  • Size and Portability

  • Band

  • Type of Music

  • Unique Sound per Player




List of some Guitar Effect Pedals that you must have -

  • Boost Pedal

  • Distortion Pedal

  • Fuzz Pedal

  • Reverb Pedal

  • Volume Pedal

  • Analog Delay Pedal

  • Digital Delay Pedal

  • Tremolo Pedal

  • Chorus Pedal

  • Flanger Pedal

  • Compressor Pedal

  • Overdrive Pedal

  • Octave Pedal

  • Acoustic Pedal

  • Wah Pedal

  • Phaser Pedal

New Effects Unit in Guitar

Below are some of the top effects unit in Guitar which you must explore once -

  • Origin Effects Cali76-TX and Cali76-TX-L

Origin Effect is the creation of Simon Keats a British audio-designer and it was also labeled as the best overdrive of 2018. Origin effects are making the best guitar pedals. The brand is developed with an aim to produce superior quality, high musical audio tools. The specialty of this brand is that every single pedal is hand-built and hand-designed at the headquarters of origin effect. This has released a limited run of the original Cali76-Tx and TX-L compressor pedals.

  • Heather Brown Electronicals Blessed Mother Overdrive V2

An updated version of Blessed Mother Overdrive effect pedal has been released by Heather Brown Electronicals. In the new V2  model, you will find increased output and headroom for broader tone control along with the same combination of germanium/silicon diode. Also, there is a fifth control by which you can blend back in a guitar’s dry signal and that is the transparency function dubbed the immaculator. There is one more feature which is true-bypass switching.

  • TC Electronic Brain Waves Pitch Shifter

This is pink in color and is a modulation unit that has 2 independent voices, with the variety of polyphonic effects that includes whammy and detune. This detune mode allows you to widen your sound for a more dynamic and sweet sound. Also, a pressure-sensitive ‘MASH’ Footswitch. All these allow you to bend pitch-shifted notes.

  • Boss DD-200 Digital Delay

Boss has introduced a new generation of pedals with 200 series packing advanced sound. For easy and intuitive operations, Grab-and-go control and multi function switches are here. For the instant record, onboard memory allows you multiple setups. It also has a 60-second phrase looper which again allows you to instant record. The new version update in this increases flexibility to the boss 200 series that expands the onboard memory capacity for storing sounds.

  • TC Electronics Hall of Fame 2 Mini and Flashback 2 Mini

This is great news for guitar lovers. TC electronics has launched 2 new tone boxes that are Flashback 2 mini delay and hall of fame 2 mini Reverb. This brand has proved that reducing the size doesn’t have any connection with the expense of functionality. Along with smaller sizes both the pedals have pressure-sensitive MASH footswitches and TonePrint technology. Also, the Hall of Fame 2 Mini Reverb is offering a new shimmer reverb and algorithms rom TCs system 6000 processor.

When I was practicing with the Pedals I made a few mistakes which I would like to share with you so you won’t repeat it.

  • Don’t forget to experiment with drive stack order

  • Always run your delay pedals in different ways with audio samples.

  • As I have already told you about the general order of pedals. Always try to do a full experiment with a pedal. The reason behind repeating this is most of the beginners often make this mistake to not trying the pedals orders. Often Pedals have a lot of switches, knobs and other controls which you need to learn correctly.


So, these were some of the mistakes which you can avoid while practising with Guitar Pedals.


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