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Aug 12th 2015 at 1:21 PM

Cleaning a gun is a pretty simple chore but it helps have the right tools for the job. Not having the right tools and solutions can make this simple task difficult and even damage your firearm. Here is our recommendation of what you will need to clean a shotgun, rifle or handgun. Cleaning a gun doesn’t have to be a daunting task but we are here to help you and have resources available for you


#1 A Cleaning Rod

A cleaning rod is an important tool to use however you need to know that it can damage the barrel of your firearm. The slightest ding on the crown at the end of the barrel can skew the accuracy of the firearm. It is best to use a cleaning rod made from a material that is softer than the steel of the barrel. We recommend the Outers brass cleaning rod because it is softer than the steal of the bore and comes in segments which can be adjusted for the length of the barrel.


#2 Jag or Loop

A jag and loop are the small attachment that goes on the end of the cleaning rod. The jag and loop attachments hold a cleaning patch on the cleaning rod while you push it through the bore. A jag has a small point on its end that you can stab the cleaning patch with and helps guide the cloth through. A loop does the same thing however is on a thread end like a needle and you pull the patch through the hole halfway and once secure it will pass through the bore.


#3 Patches

Patches are used to run a clean patch through the bore each time it passes with the cleaning rod. Patches are meant to be used one time, reusing a patch will swirl the fouling around. Cotton patches are inexpensive and usually best to buy in bulk. You will want to use a patch first on the dirty bore, we suggest you coat it first with solvent which will loosen powder and bullet fouling. This removes easy debris and prepare you for the brushing stage. After the brushing stage, you will want to use a batch to remove any remaining debris and apply a light coating of oil after cleaning.


#4 Cleaning Brush

Cleaning brushes are a simple but important tool to have. Make sure you pick a brush that will not damage the inside of the barrel. We suggest bronze brushes for the task. For lighter cleaning you could consider using a brush made of nylon. Using a bronze brush is an easy task as it attaches to the end of your cleaning rod. It’s always a good idea to pick up more than one brush for the different types and size of firearms you own.


#5 Protectant Lube

Due to extreme heat, high speed movement of parts and friction, your firearm is susceptible to fouling and needs to have the right oil or lubricant applied. Gun cleaning fluid need to last over time to protect the sensitive parts of the firearm. Some options to consider are Gunslick Pro Gun Flush, Hoppe’s #9 or Gunslick Pro Gun-Foam. You can learn more at their site


#6 Gun Toothbrush

While you might be tempted to use an old toothbrush laying around in the bathroom using a brush designed specifically for use on guns is designed to reach all the hard to reach places a dental toothbrush cannot. A gun toothbrush is perfect for cleaning out slide grooves and trigger parts.


#7 Extras

To make your gun cleaning successful you might consider picking up a couple other tools to make the job easier. A bore guide will help clean rods centered in a rifle’s bore to assist in preventing damage to the rife and prevent solvents from dripping into the receiver. Additionally a gun cleaning pad will help prevent solvents from leaking all over your workspace and will also give you a soft surface to work on to hold parts in one place. Lastly if you are cleaning a rifle we recommend a cleaning cradle. This will hold the rifle in place while you clean the bore and makes the job so much easier.


We can help you with your cleaning tasks and answer your questions. Feel free to stop by or give us a call!


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