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5 Valuable Tips for a Happy and Healthy Cat

Sep 5th 2015 at 2:09 AM

As your cat’s caretaker, it is important to know what your animal’s needs are as soon as you first bring your fur-ball of joy home. Preparing for pet ownership is not much different than preparing for parenthood. Here are some tips on how to cover the basics.

You pay close attention to what you and your family eat, and your pet should be no different. A healthy diet is one of the key conditions for a long and happy life. Cats require many amino acids that their bodies cannot produce internally. Too much carbohydrate in a cat’s diet can slow the rate of digestion and cause stomach upset and vomiting, so check to be sure protein is the main ingredient in any processed dry food.

Cats need their exercise, too. If your cat lives strictly indoors, it is especially important to ensure s/he has space to run around, jump, and scratch. Like people, exercise tones the muscles, gets the blood circulating, lubricates the joints, keeps bones strong, and provides a psychological boost. In fact, if your cat does not get adequate exercise, they can become anxious or moody.

Make it a routine to take your pet to the veterinarian. In addition to an annual physical and required vaccination, your animal depends on you to respond to any unusual symptoms that could worsen over time. Injury may be obvious, but disease can go unnoticed for years without tests like blood work. A cat over ten years of age should be checked annually.

Cats love high places where they can observe everything going on below. Your home should have some places where your cats can jump and perch. High places give a cat a sense of security and comfort, and can also be a show of dominance in a multi-cat household. This can reduce aggressive conflict among cats by giving them an easy outlet to express their social hierarchy.

Cats are very clean animals and groom themselves regularly, but you can help. Keep the litter box clean so the cat feels comfortable using it and doesn’t start to have accidents in other parts of the house. Clean the box out daily, and once a week give it a thorough clean and replace all of the litter. Keep your cat brushed so the excess fur is not ingested and lead to fur balls in the stomach.

For more information on cat medical care in Soquel, visit this website. Your cat will appreciate your efforts to provide a happy and healthy feline lifestyle.

Author Bio

Nancy has a deep love of animals and talks and writes about them regularly. She is a huge animal rights advocate. Read her thoughts at Tumblr blog.

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