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5 Reasons Why Startups Should Use Cloud Telephony Services

Oct 13th 2015 at 12:32 AM

If you are a startup company, then you are usually running low on funds and are always seeking ways to generate funds for your company. But, do you know what differentiates successful startup companies from others? Well, the key difference is the vision they have for their business and the vital steps they take that can be beneficial for business.

They invest wisely in technologies that can help them to stay ahead of the curve. Today we’ll discuss about one such technology, i.e. cloud telephony, which can help your startup company to grow faster. It is worth investing in this technology because it can be easily implemented at affordable cost and is highly scalable.

Here are 5 reasons why startups should use cloud telephony services

1. You’ll never miss a call from

You would never want to lose potential customers who call you, but they may call your competitor instead if they hear a busy tone. If you are using a single phone line system, you’re likely to suffer from such difficulties. You could rather implement an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system via your cloud telephony service provider and ensure you never miss a call from a prospect again.

The IVR will greet your each caller with a recorded message and give them various options to choose. You can make arrangements, like if all your numbers are busy, the caller could leave a voice message with a number for you to call back. This way your customers will not be annoyed as they do while hearing busy tone.

2. You can easily discover which marketing campaign is offering you the best returns

There is an option provided by cloud telephony providers, which can help you link a different virtual number to each offline and online marketing campaign you run. When these virtual numbers receive calls, they are automatically directed to your business phone line and tracked.

You can easily discover which virtual number is receiving the maximum calls. After analyzing the whole data, you can pump more of your marketing budget into the campaign which is more profitable for you.

3. You can provide superior customer service

If your customer support is not up to the mark, your business can have a hard time surviving because news of bad customer service reaches more ears than praise for a good service. Cloud telephony can help you in many ways to ensure a more positive customer service experience, some of them are:

  • You can implement a toll-free number for your business, which will attract more customers to call you.

  • You can easily integrate your CRM system with your cloud telephony system, which will allow you to tailor your conversation to suit a caller’s needs by looking at the call history of that caller.

  • You can add call recording by contacting your service provider and improve your customer interactions by learning from your past mistakes.

4. You can quickly communicate with employees and partners at affordable cost

If your provider has a call conferencing service, you can quickly communicate with your employees and business partners at affordable cost, without using the Internet. There are many services provided to you which are free of cost, but it varies for different service provider.

5. You can promote your business en masse

Cloud telephony service providers usually support the sending of bulk SMS messages and voice calls. Check if your service provider supports that and you can use this service to tell your esteemed customers about special offers or sale. You can target people who are more likely to avail this offer by analyzing the call history.

Don’t sit back and look at others success! Take decisions wisely which can help your business grow and share you story with us. Want Know more then visit :

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