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5 Get Her Back Mistakes : Trying to Get Her Back Too Soon (Mistake #1)

Jan 31st 2011 at 8:35 AM

First, you need to work out her state of anger or resistance to you.

As long as she’s angry, you stand little to no chance of being reassessed objectively, let alone get her back.

Of course, it’s entirely possible that you broke up without her getting too angry.

Maybe she even says she wants to be your friend (but don’t read too much into this, it may be her way of escaping the guilt of moving on without you).

The rule here is this: don’t step into the energy field of her anger.

Allow some time and space for the dust to settle. This way, you’re less likely to get hung up on or greeted with biting sarcasm when you do pop back into the picture.

So how long should you wait?

Some “experts” say wait three months, and there is a widely held belief that absolutely no contact whatsoever is the most strategic way to handle this cooling off period.

But only YOU know the truth for your situation.

So many guys screw up their chances because of impatience and urgency to “do something.” Don’t do this!

When you go back in too soon, simply because you are urgent from a sense of panic, it won’t work. She’ll smell your fear and throw up even more defenses than before.

You need to wait until the time is right, and the time isn’t right until you’ve done some serious, non-pain-induced thinking and made some major changes because of it.

What changes? More on that later…


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