5 Delicious Dosas to Try

May 14th 2015 at 11:08 PM

The delectable dosa is finally gaining the notoriety it deserves here in the UK. Back in the day, when the local curry house had a reputation as the place to sink a few pints along with a portion of calorific curry, the typical menu seemed to include only rice, naan and crunchy papadums as the accompaniments to the main dish. However, fast forward to the present and all it takes is a glance through the innovative menus of some of London’s best Indian fine dining restaurants, to gain a picture of just how far Indian cuisine in the UK has come.

Despite the fact that dosas are an Indian staple, particularly in the southern states, it has previously been something of an underground food in Britain. For those that may not be acquainted with this tasty treat, it is a type of crepe made from rice and black lentils – its batter left to ferment overnight. A hot tava (Indian griddle) helps heat the mixture in a similar fashion to a pancake and the dosa can be folded, rolled or stuffed and served up piping hot.

Intrigued? Here are 5 top dosa recipes that you simply must try:

  1. Masala Dosa

CNN Travel collated 50 of the world’s most delicious foods back in 2011 and the masala dosa managed to make its way onto this exclusive list – it’s fair to say you know it’s going to be one tasty treat! A thick, red, garlic and chilli chutney is spread over the dosa before it is filled with the masala. This masala stuffing is made up of liberally spiced mashed potato flavoured with green chillies, ginger and fried onions. The dosa is then folded around the filling and served with a portion of coconut chutney. Food heaven.

  1. Rava Dosa

A particularly popular breakfast food, the rava dosa is a super quick and easy type of dosa to prepare. A variety of flavoursome ingredients such as cumin seeds, chopped carrot, curry leaves, nuts and cilantro are added to a batter made up of semolina, rice flour and water. When heated on the tava, this dosa is spread very thinly and results in a wafer thin and crispy pancake, steeped in all the flavours of India and topped with onion and green chillies.

  1. Paneer Dosa

Instead of the potato filling a masala dosa offers, why not mix it up with some delicious, Indian cheese? Chopped onions, chillies and ginger are fried until fragrant before sautéing with paneer and some fresh cilantro. This dosa can afford to be a little thicker in order to hold the stuffing together, and tastes delicious with sambar.

  1. Vegetable Dosa

This dosa makes a hearty vegetarian meal. Any vegetables can be used but common ingredients include a blend of chopped carrot, peas, beans, tomato and onions fried up with spices and curry leaves. The vegetables are wrapped in the dosa and served with an assortment of chutneys.

  1. Kal Dosa

This form of dosa is of a spongy texture – similar to an American pancake. A delicious and filling breakfast food, kal dosa is usually paired with kara chutney, a tangy condiment prepared with shallots, red chillies, tomatoes and tamarind.

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