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3 Ways You Can Use a Knife to Keep Yourself Alive in the Wild

Nov 26th 2015 at 3:56 AM

In homes, knives serve a variety of purposes. As important knives are to dozens of daily duties, it is amazing how many people leave home every day without a knife available should they need it. Especially when your activities take you into nature and away from civilization for a day or more, a knife can come in very handy, even helping to protect you in the wild.


Most people take issues such as food and warmth for granted. At home, all they have to do is click the knob on their oven or flick the switch on the thermostat to achieve the heat they need to cook or keep warm. In the wild, though, coming by these creature comforts can be more challenging. In fact, many people who might otherwise presume they could handle any situation find themselves at serious disadvantages on what might otherwise be simple camping trips had they come properly prepared. Among the items that should be included in any outdoor excursion preparation package are various knives and/or a very well-made pocket knife.


With a knife to help you, building a fire pit with twigs for kindling, rocks and a plowing stick will be much simpler. Your knife simplifies the process of creating a tinder bundle, often fashioned of twigs mixed with dried strips of bark and other flammable materials. Once that has been accomplished, whittling the end of a good, straight stick for rubbing between sparking rocks enables you to ignite a fire that will provide warmth and cooking capabilities.


Having a fire is not enough to feed you, though. People who have been trapped for days or more in the wild know that a knife is crucial to acquiring edible items. Hunting, trapping and cleaning what will become your dinner to help you stay alive requires a knife or the ability to create something similar. Taking a high-quality knife with you any time you might become stranded will help to ensure that you can feed yourself as necessary.


As if creature comforts and food provision were not enough to worry about, beasts and humans represent significant dangers to people who are far away from more civilized areas. It is a very good idea to have a knife with you in case of physical threat. While most people hope to avoid conflict, there is always the possibility of unwelcome and dangerous interaction, and a knife is a lightweight tool for your protection in the most dangerous situations.  To learn more about work blades in San Diego, please visit this website.


Author Bio:-

David is an adventurer with tactical experience and training. He is on a campaign to inform people about military surplus, camping, survival and tactical equipment. You can find his thoughts at Livejournal blog.

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