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Asian Pop Review
  • Capsule Reviews: Q10, Koi Ga Shitai (x3), Kaseifu no Mita, etc.
    In between doing design work, Christmas shopping, and preparing for holiday get-togethers, I was able to complete several Jdoramas including: Q10 (2010): At first I thought it was going to be like the anime Chobits or the movie Cyborg Girl since the premise is almost exactly the same but I was in for a pleasant surprise! Q10, penned by Kizara […]
  • Bloody Monday and Jotei Jdorama Reviews
    Since my last entry I’ve managed to complete a number of Jdoramas but I only have time for two really quick reviews right now… Bloody Monday – I *almost* dropped this dorama because of the cheesy cliched acting by the villains in the first episode (which was a bloody one and a half hours long!). […]
  • Food in Japanese dramas
    I thought I’d write about something fun today — Japanese food in J-dramas! The Japanese love to celebrate with good food and doramas are wonderful vehicles for showcasing 日本料理 or Japanese cuisine to the world. I have to admit that my husband and I have only been cooking (and eating) washouko and yoshouku at home ever […]
  • Summer Snow (2000) vs. Last Christmas (2004)
    I recently finished watching two old-ish Jdramas, Summer Snow (TBS, 2000) and Last Christmas (Fuji TV, 2004). I didn’t expect it but upon watching one after the other, I noted that they have somewhat similar plots. Instead of writing the usual review, I’ve decided to compare and contrast the two. SYNOPSES Summer Snow:  Yuki (Ryoko Hirosue) has […]
  • Japanese Rock Band Movies List (the ones I’ve seen anyway)
    The music scene is always a texture-rich and colorful world to depict so I was interested to see how Japanese filmmakers tackle the usual “angst-ridden teens put up a rock band and then struggles to reach the top” theme. Here now is a list of the Japanese rock band films I’ve watched that explore this […]
  • Suna no Utsuwa (2004) Jdorama review
    I’ve been wanting to write about the 2004 drama adaptation of Suna no Utsuwa, also known as Vessel of Sand, a murder mystery based on Seicho Matsumoto’s 1960 novel of the same title ever since I viewed it but I knew it was going to be mentally exhausting to write about and couldn’t find the […]
  • Fish Story (2009) Japanese Movie Review
    I watched Fish Story some months ago not knowing what it was about (well yes I did expect a fish to be in there somewhere…) and found it unique and ingenious, though for some reason I couldn’ bring myself to put it alongside my all-time favorite Japanese movies  Summer Time Machine Blues and Waterboys…yet. I watched it […]
  • Some thoughts on South Korean Movie Daisy (2006)
    The very first Korean language film I ever saw — way back in 2001 when hallyu was in its infancy — is Il Mare (remade by Hollywood years later as The Lakehouse) starring Jun Ji-hyun and Lee Jung-jae. Naturally I also watched the other Jun Ji-hyun starrer My Sassy Girl shortly afterwards because it was the […]
  • Quick J-drama reviews: Zeni Geba, Guilty and Unfair
    Just a quick update to let you readers (yes, all five of you 🙂 ) know that I’m still here, juggling design work and dorama-viewing. Funny Sushi TV Dinner by asianpopcorn View more Sushi T-Shirts Imagine me as that Toro sushi couch potato. Anyway here are some quick notes on J-dramas I finished recently. I […]
  • Some “old” Jdramas that are worth watching
    After purposely avoiding them, I’ve recently been watching old (circa 2000 and older) Jdoramas in order to appreciate the beginnings of the so-called “trendy drama“, um, trend in Japan since the early 90s. What I like about older J-dramas ( at least the ones I’ve seen) is that they don’t rely on heavy visual effects […]
Poptastic Bride
  • Fresh and Creative Watercolor Wedding Ideas: 10 Tips!
    Traditional art is booming in the creative scene and, not surprisingly it has made its way over to the wedding world. Watercolor elements in weddings aren’t entirely new but as more people are embracing watercolor-themed weddings, fresher and more creative ways of implementing it are sprouting up! I’ve gathered some inspiration for you on how […]
  • Woodland Animals (Deer, Otter, Squirrel) Wedding Invitations + a Free Printable
    Animal-themed woodland weddings seem to be all the rage these days and so I happily present to you our new rustic boho forest animals wedding invitation suite. For now I have squirrel, deer, and otter brides wearing floral wreath crowns while their groom counterparts are looking spiffy in their hats and bow ties. If you’ve been checking my […]
  • Learn to paint pretty watercolor flowers
    Watercolor flowers by artist Yao Cheng / photo from Creativebug Inc You might remember that sometime ago I posted a photo of watercolor flowers I made for a new invitation suite. Those flowers are fine but I wanted to learn how to make loose freehand florals that fully utilize the art medium’s spontaneous quality — just like in the photo […]
  • More Cartoon Couple Portraits
    Here are a few more of the cartoon couple portraits I worked on over the last few months. You can click on the images to see the drawings up close. *If you’d like to know how you can get one of your own, this is the page to visit! S & T’s was one of […]
  • NEW: Watercolor Mason Jar and Flowers Invitation Set
    Hi guys! If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you already know that I’ve been recently obsessing over analog art and especially watercolors — which explains the theme for our newest invitation set. 🙂 The suite features a romantic bouquet of hand-drawn watercolor flowers — peonies, roses, and carnations — in a see-through mason jar. […]

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