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My name is Anne - Born 1956 and singel - living in Fevik, Grimstad, Norway!

"I have a passion for and would love to know more about Online Marketing and altso be able to help others to reach their goals. I'm always open to learning something new everyday.

I love to meet all those that are Interesting in making something out of thier Lives and have a Lasting Relationship in this Social Networking. Any one that really is serious about helping those in need and to be successful in any type of Business\\\\\\\"

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1 year ago

GBBG.Bitbillions: How it Works

Nov 9th 2013 at 5:05 PM

Here is how it all works:



Commissions will be distributed on 15th of each month with the first starting in November 2013. This will include all commissions from all programs owned by GBBG.


Currently Projects  is


1. BitBillions,  CLICK HERE

2. BitFeud,     

3. My Bitcoin Rewards and

4  I Want A Car websites.






Because the matrix will not be implemented until all of the co-founder positions are taken, the matrix pool commissions will accumulate until then. The commissions for the parent site GBBG Bitbillions are split up into 6 pools. They are the Upgrade Comp Pool, Founders Pool, Co-Founders Pool, Members Pool, Matrix Pool and Direct Ref Pool. A description of each follows further down in the post.Transparency Page

The amounts available for distribution are on the transparency page of each site. The Bitbillions transparency page lists all the revenue share amounts. The individual earning centers like BitFeud, My Bitcoin Rewards and the I Want a Car websites have the amounts applicable to their programs. It also includes the accounting method which is a breakdown of how all the money is distributed.




Commission Pools

All commissions are paid in bitcoin so it is important that you have your bitcoin wallet details filled in your account area. If you don’t you will not be able to receive your commissions.


Upgrade Comp Pool

The upgrade Comp Pool is basically a referral commission pool. If you have anyone that joins or upgrades to a co-founder position you will earn $12 worth of bitcoin for each one. You could also upgrade a position under you and get the commission effectively giving you a big discount on your position. The commission that you have earned is shown on the Earnings – Referral Upgrades Tab in your member area.


Founders Pool – 10% revenue share

Founder members will earn their share in proportion with the number of points they have generated from the projects. That means that if a Founder or any other member does not participate and earn any points then they WILL NOT earn anything from the Founder Pool, the Co-Founder pool or the Members pool. That is why it is important to participate.

Example: If there is 100,000 points and there is $1000 to distribute each point would be worth $0.01. Likewise if there was $1 million to distribute each point would be worth $10. So the more points you generate the bigger your part of the share you will receive.


Co-Founders Pool – 10% revenue share

The co-founders pool works in the same way as the founders pool. Founders and co-founders both share in this pool.

Limited CO-FOUNDER Positions Avalable  - UPGRADE


Members Pool – 30% revenue share

The members pool works in the same way as the Founders and co-founders pool except all members that have generated points share in proportion to the points they have generated.


Matrix Pool

The matrix pool, when implemented, will pay members the equivalent of 7% of each of the members in their matrix earnings. That means if someone in your matix earns $100, you would earn $7. This commission is not dependant on you earning points, so members that have built up a downline could earn without participating in the programs, making it truely passive.

Example: A full matrix is 3,279 members so this could be hugely profitable. For example with a full matrix if each member on average earned $10 then you would get 7% of $32,790 which is $2295 a month.


Direct Referral Pool

The direct referral pool enables you to earn even if the member sponsored is outside your matrix. You will earn an additional 7% of what that member earned, similar to the Matrix Pool.

Example: You have 10 referrals that earned on average $10 each (total $100). You would earn $7 in Direct Referral Pool.



The matrix will not be built until all the co-founder positions are taken. Bcause of that the bitcoin accumulated for distribution will continue to accumulate until such time as the matrix is set. It is the only commission that will be delayed.

Another important thing to remember is to join the earning centers, even if just as a free member so you can earn points. The more points you get, the more revenue share you will get.




If you need more information feel free to contact me and I will ADD you to Our Bitbillions Support Group on Skype (and Support Group on Facebook)


Skype ID: bitbillions

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